10 Tips for what to wear for your Engagement Photos

Top 10 Tips for What to Wear for your Engagement Photos

First of all, if you are reading this you are probably newly engaged, so congratulations!  I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this season of your life.  Now…the big question, what should you wear for your engagement session?


1. Location

Before you start picking out your outfits you should determine the location of you shoot.  You want to personalize your shoot as much as possible so I highly encourage my clients to pick a location that is special to them, they have always wanted to go to or simply because they love it!  And once you choose that location you can start choosing your outfits!  If you pick a beach, you don’t necessarily want formal business attire…etc. You would want flowy and relaxed.

Snoqualmie Falls Engagement // Judy & Ian

2. Weather

What is the weather going to look like? What time of year is it?  Are the cherry blossoms out?  Are the fall leaves starting to fall?  Think about the colors of your surroundings and also maybe how many layers you may need to wear to stay comfortable and warm!  Are you willing to brave the rain or would you rather a beautiful summer sunset?  All these things come into play when planning your attire.


3. Theme

Do you want a theme for your engagement?  Does your wedding have a theme?  Some couples want to mimic their favorite movie (The Notebook? Up?) or simply want to be able to do something so they have lots of props like having a picnic!  Maybe your fiance is a avid baseball player so you want to bring a few props to incorporate one of his loves. Or maybe you are both alumni from the same (or competing) schools!

4. Comfortable

I always recommend two outfits for your engagement session.  And I always suggest they be ones that you are comfortable wearing.  If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, then you will look uncomfortable!  Avoid low cut tops or mini skirts as they may make posing challenging.  Fitted clothing looks great, but super tight fitting clothing may not look as good.  But most of all, make sure you feel comfortable!

Ruston Way Engagement // Dallas & Jennifer5. Casual

One of the two outfits I suggest is a casual outfit.  Wear this first so you are as comfortable as you can be when we start shooting.  Casual means jeans, shorts, maybe a flowy skirt, lots of layers and some fun accessories.  Maybe even throw on a hat!  Casual can also be fun.

6. Formal

Why not throw on some more formal clothes to wear for sunset?  Every girl loves to wear a dress and a guy always looks great in a suit.  But gentlemen, if you are going to go formal, go all out!  Wear a full suit with a tie and all!  It just looks better. :-)


7. Layers

Layers photograph incredibly well.  Throw a sweater on top of your cute top and then we have created another outfit!  Guys also look great with layers too so don’t forget about them!  Button up with a nice pea coat or even a sweater and a scarf!

8. Accessories   

Wear or bring lots of accessories!  A necklace, a bunch of bracelets, a scarf, a hat, cute shoes…the list goes on.  Guys can wear accessories too!

LauraEmmettEngagement_Color-1949. Color

Wear colors that compliment your skin tone.  Avoid super bright colors or neon colors, especially close to your face.  Also consider wearing your wedding colors!

10. Coordinate but don’t match

I love when couples coordinate their outfits, but be careful not to match.

And one last bonus tip…don’t forget those props!