How long have you been a photographer?

I first started to fall for photography when I was 26. I decided I wanted to pursue it a few years later, and have been a professional photographer for 6 year

What is your favorite thing about photography?

My favorite part about photography is the connection I make with the people I get in front of my camera.  Every person is so different and every story so unique. It is also so fulfilling knowing Im creating a safe space for my clients to be themselves and feel beautiful. I give you my full permission to feel amazing and when I show you the back of my camera I want you to say, dang I look good because you do! Bringing confidence to women through my images is the most rewarding part of photography for me

What is your favorite TV show?

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, or any of his past shows.  I love to travel and in my opinion his shows are the only ones that have ever been able to communicate what it really is like to travel. He was such an incredible story teller and had the wonderful ability to connect with anyone.  I’m also really digging the new show Manifest!

Favorite beverage?

An ice cold IPA on a hot day or good glass of Cab, yes please

What is your biggest obsession besides photography?

Biggest obsession, travel. I know this is such a generic answer but I REALLY love to travel. Not the type of travel that only last a week at a resort (that’s nice too) but the type of travel that puts me outside my comfort zone, living out of a backpack and really exploring the country I’m in.  I would have to sit down and count but I believe I’ve been to just over 60 countries, so you could say I’m hooked. Most recently I went to India solo for a month. It was the best.

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Rebecca Anne

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Rebecca Anne


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