Best of 2015: Engagements // Seattle Tacoma Engagement Photographer

Best of 2015: Engagements

I absolutely adore engagement sessions.  They give me a chance to get to know my couples even better and go on amazing adventures!  Some of my favorite photos I have ever taken have been during engagement shoots.  I loved how adventurous my clients were including numerous clients hiking around Mount Rainier, going INTO Rattlesnake Lake, climbing down to Snoqualmie Falls with a fire escape ladder, trekking through snow to Franklin Falls, braving numerous rain and wind storms, driving hours to get to unique locations and being brave enough to share their love with the world.  Every moment of it has been amazing and I hope you enjoy this look back into the last year of stunning engagements.

Up Close:

Ring Shots:

Snuggled Up:

Add some props:

And my favorite: Wide Epic Shots: