First off, this totally sucks.

and I'm sorry!

I cannot even fathom what you are going through having to navigate this pandemic and I want to help support you through this however I can! 

My goal for this page is to provide current restrictions laid out by our specific state of Washington for Weddings as well as the CDC's guidelines specifically relating to wedding photography. 

I also hope to provide tips and tricks for navigating still having your event or what it would look like to postpone.  And also our policies for a rescheduled event due to COVID are listed below. 

Note: all resource links will be listed at the bottom of this page. 

- Rebecca Anne

My Policies & Recommendations

and Frequently asked questions

Will you still photograph our wedding?

Of course!!  But it most definitely needs to be legal and follow the government guidelines.  For the safety of you, your guests, my future brides and my family it is in all of our best interests to abide by the rules laid out by the government and CDC.

What if we have to Reschedule?

Rebecca herself started a group for Washington Wedding Photographers in case of an emergency to help support photographers who come down sick and still have events to photograph. We also currently have a team of 5 associate photographers who work under our brand that are here to support each other. Our first priority if one of our photographers gets sick is to keep you within the Rebecca Anne Photography team and assign another associate (or myself) to photograph your day. If that is not possible, then we would reach out to the photographers we know well who have similar shooting styles and ask them to shoot the day while we still finish the editing and delivery process.

How will our wedding photos look different because of COVID?

Your wedding photos are going to look different.  They just are.  Your guests will be masked except for when they are eating.  We cannot enter the dance floor.  There is a no-touch policy so it will be harder to fix your hair...etc.  

I will be social distancing and wearing a mask throughout your event. This means I will be using a longer lens to capture moments that I normally would have been able to be closer to.  I have to maintain a 6 feet distance at all times.  This may have an effect on the type of moments that I am able to capture.  Photographing your dance floor from the perimeter is going to look much different than being on the dance floor interacting with your guests. If your tables are close together then I may not be able to maneuver through your tables to photograph your toasts.  The list goes on and on and so if you are concerned, let's chat about how we can still get you the best images possible.

What happens if you or the associate photographer gets sick?

If I am personally not available on your date or the associate photographer you originally had assigned is not available, we have a total team of 6 photographers who work under our brand and we would try to find a good fit with someone else on our team. If no one is available then per your contract your retainer is unfortunately non-refundable and please see your contract for full details. 

Can we re-arrange our package to elope this year and have a reception next year?

We want to work with you as much as we can to create the experience and wedding of your dreams!  And if we can work with you to re-arrange your package to fit an elopement then that is what we want to do!  Please reach out to us about this!

What if you aren’t available for the date we want to postpone to?

If you are considering rescheduling, we are asking you would only reschedule about 60-90 days or less before your original date as it might be too early to determine anything about the situation as it might get better. Also please, please, please consider rescheduling to a non-peak date. By picking an off season, Friday or Sunday date you are enabling your vendors to make sure they still get to book a full season and ensure they are still open for business by the time your wedding actually does roll around. 

Our policy here at Rebecca Anne Photography for rescheduling:
Couples who booked before the pandemic get one reschedule with no fees.  Couples who booked after the pandemic was known or are on their second reschedule will incur a $500 reschedule fee.  Your retainer is non-refundable but transferrable to another date 12 months from your original date.  If you reschedule less than 30 days from your date then your final balance is still due on your original date. If your new date does not fall within the following calendar year, than a new 50% of your package price retainer is due upon signing of a new contract.  Please see your contract for full details.

What if we can technically get married but the phase we are in
doesn't accommodate our guest headcount?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate personal preferences for your wedding day as a reason to reschedule and so a $500 reschedule fee would be applicable. 

Government Requirements

Below is a summary of the rules based off of the governors wedding and event guidelines released on March 22nd 2021,

The following requirements apply to all wedding services, funerals (religious or non-religious), and events (public or private), wherever they are held indoors or outdoors, including but not limited to: those held at all privately owned property, business establishments, non-profit establishments, establishments owned by religious or faith-based organizations and publicly owned property (such as parks, beaches, or venues).

Weddings may occur if:
- The host(s) ensures that the wedding service, funeral, or event meets the requirements set forth in this document: Wedding Receptions and Funerals COVID-19 Requirements.
- Venues meet and maintain all generally applicable requirements set forth in this document as well as the provisions that apply to the services provided by the venue;
- All other vendors working in correlation with the wedding, funeral, or event meet and maintain all generally applicable requirements set forth in this document, as well as the provisions that apply to the services that the vendor provides; and
- All vendors conduct only those activities that are allowed under the region’s current phase.

How many guests can we have at our wedding?

Do our guests have to wear masks?

Do our guests have to social distance? 

Can we still do wedding party & family photo groupings?

Can we have music?

Are we allowed to have dancing?

Phase 1: Ceremonies are limited to a total of 30 people or 25% of the maximum building capacity with no indoor receptions.  Outdoor receptions are limited to 30 people.  Social distancing must be maintained.
Phase 2:  Maximum capacity of 200 or 25% capacity (not including vendors), whichever is less, so long as six feet of physical distancing is maintained between groups. 
Phase 3: Maximum capacity of 400 or 50% capacity (not including vendors), whichever is less, so long as six feet of physical distancing is maintained between groups. Table size maximum of 10 with no household restrictions

All vendors, employees and persons in attendance shall wear face coverings before, during, and after the wedding service (whether indoor or outdoor). The face covering requirement does apply to individual(s) leading the service and others who speak during any live service. The wedding couple is exempted from the face covering and six feet physical distancing requirement from each other DURING THE CEREMONY ONLY, so long as they maintain six feet of physical distance from all other persons.

Guests must adhere to physical distancing requirements and have six feet of space between. Phase 1: Groups of 10 maximum, limit two households per group. Phase 2: Groups of 15 maximum, limit 2 households per group. Phase 3: Groups of 10, no household limit. Please note if food and beverage are served it must follow the Eating and Drinking guidelines which are different.

Yes! The officiant, family members, and wedding party are also exempted for posed photographs provided that the face covering is removed only briefly at the direction of the photographer to take the photo. Face covering must be reapplied immediately after the photo is taken. 

Music and live entertainment for the wedding services, funeral, or event – Music and live entertainment is permitted, and must follow the Live Entertainment Guidance, Emcee of Events, DJs and AV equipment are allowed so long as they comply with the Live Entertainment Guidance.  Live entertainment (bands, soloists, performers) are permitted but have time limitations of 2 hours for indoor and 3 hours for outdoor events.  DJS are not considered performers and have no time limit.

Dancing is strictly limited at all events to no more than maximum table size for the appropriate phase from the same group on the dance floor at the same time and all must wear masks and remain at least six feet away from any other person.  For wedding services, the following dances are expressly allowed: the first dance and the parent dances. For the couple’s first dance and the parent dances the face covering may be removed provided that 6-feet distance can be maintained from other guests.

1. Larger tables = more space! Putting fewer people at larger tables not only spaces out guests sitting around a table, but also puts more distance between tables at a reception!
2. Hand Sanitizing Stations are your best friend. These inconspicuous stations can be placed around a ceremony or reception area to make sure germs stay at bay!
3. Keep guests away from others by limiting communal areas! For example, renting water pitchers for each table rather than beverage dispensers where guests can gather.
4. Keep your caterers and bar staff safe by renting protective shields! These plexiglass stands can sit on top of a bar or table and allow service as normal, without the spread of. disease.
5. Have multiple parties and keep the celebration going! We have seen lots of couples decide to still get married this year with fewer people and then wait to have their large wedding next year on their first anniversary. Renting a tent for a backyard dinner party, no matter how small, is always a great way to celebrate!

Tips from Local Professional Vendors

Top tips from American Party Place

Here are 5 special COVID makeup/hair tips 
1. Don't wear any! INVEST in SKIN CARE. Exfoliating, face wash, sunscreen, moisturizer, face masks, do all the things. RIGHT now is the time to really focus on clearing up any issues, trying new products and taking better care of your skin. Here is a link to my favorite products and I'll gladly help people with what their skin might need. 
2. Drink water! LOTS OF IT. Water is one of the best things for your face. You want your makeup to look incredible? Drink water and take care of your skin. There is no makeup that can hide dehydrated, textured skin. DRINK IT 
3. Get an amazing brow pencil and mascara, since your eyes are pretty much the only thing showing, might as well decorate them a wee bit. 
4. Lay off the dry shampoo and invest in a professional shampoo and conditioner regime. Dry shampoo will eventually contribute to serious buildup which will restrict new hair growth and can potentially cause hair to snap... wash yo hair! 
5. Wash or change your masks daily. I have about 8 that I move around between wearing and washing. just like anything fabric, it gets dirty and having it pressed against your face all day isn't going to help your skin out at all!  

Tips from Local Professional Vendors

Top tips from Pacific Brides Hair & Makeup

Covid quarantine is time for self care! 

1. Movin’ & Groovin’ – During the private photo/video session we’re trying to stay a little more distant than we usually would. This means wider shots and a few less close ups. For video-purposes we like to incorporate some movement into those shots, just to keep them interesting! We’ve been having couples walk, dance, twirl, etc. to get some fun shots that look awesome from afar.
2. Mic Check, 1…2… – We still need that beautiful audio to tell your story, so COVID or not, we’ve got to mic you up! However, we are adapting our processes to stay safe during these times. This means that we are completely sanitizing our microphones after each use, and may also ask that couples/speakers mic themselves (unless they request our assistance).
3. Time is On Your Side – Many couples have chosen to carry on with much smaller, more intimate weddings in order to comply with the new restrictions. This is awesome! We LOVE intimate weddings & elopements. Something that we tell our couples is to leave plenty of time for the private portrait session. With our intimate wedding & elopement films, we’ve found that the cinematic shots from our time alone with the couple are so important! With a smaller guest count and smaller wedding, the day becomes much more personal so we like to mirror that in the video. And we can’t do that if we don’t get to spend some quality time with the newlyweds!
4. Zoom Zoom Zoom – For photographers and videographers, 2020 is the year of the Zoom Lens. We’ve been riding the zoom lens train for awhile now and we’re totally ready to tackle this socially distant wedding season. During times of the day when people are gathered closely together (ceremony, toasts, spotlight dances), it’s important that we can stay out of the way. Really, this is true all the time – not just during a
pandemic! We primarily use our zoom lenses for these parts of the day for that reason.
5. “It’s a Love Story…” – Not trying to promote Taylor Swift here… but she has a point! It’s all about the story when it comes to videography. We’ve found that with more intimate weddings, some major components of a wedding get nixed from the timeline – no one needs to do a “grand entrance” when it’s just them and their immediate family! However, it’s important to think of other ways you can add to the story of the day.
We’ve been encouraging couples to exchange personal letters before the ceremony/first look, to write personal vows, and to have a few family members still give a toast or speech during dinner. If you can’t think of anything, just plagiarize T Swift! This way we still have the words and images needed to creatively tell your story.

Tips from Local Professional Vendors

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Catering Protocols & recommendations:
- Staff will buss each table once, and ask that guests stack their plates in our buss tubs as we come around.
- All beverages including non-alcoholic beverages will be served from the bar by a bartender.
- Bartenders will not handle any used glassware. Guests will discard themselves and get a new glass.
- Food and beverage surfaces will be wiped down and sanitized regularly.
- Your health and safety will remain our priority. 
- ACT 3 staff members are required to wear face masks and gloves at all times.
- Staff are required to maintain 6ft distance from each other and your guests.
- Food will be served buffet style and will be plated by an ACT 3 staff member.
- Guests are required to wear a mask when going through the buffet line.
- We suggest having your DJ/MC dismiss tables one at a time to avoid a crowded line.

Tips from Local Professional Vendors

Top tips from Act 3 Catering