Rainy Day Weddings // Tips for Clients

Rainy Day Weddings // Tips for Clients

Living in the Pacific Northwest means always having to plan for the possibility of rain.  Even has I write this it is literally raining outside.  So what do you do when your big day arrives and the grey storm clouds are gathering?  Below are a few tips to help you stay calm and still have the best wedding day possible!


Have a backup plan in advance

Make a plan in advance for what will happen if the weather calls for rain and stick to it.  I’ve had brides pick out a venue that they loved the indoor rain option just as much as the outdoor option (since we live in the Pacific Northwest).  I’ve also had brides mention it in their invitation for their guests  to plan to be prepared for the typical Pacific Northwest weather (and it was super cute too).
Set a deadline to make the call
Set a time for when the call will be made for if you are doing the rain plan or sun plan.  Often people just wait around and are unsure of what to do and then things get stressful and even can run out of time to finish setting up all the decor.  Arrange in advance for what time a decision will be made so everything else can run accordingly.
 Trust your vendor team
This starts by hiring a team of professionals and trust that they will do their job.  A good coordinator will handle all the possible stress of worrying about changing to the rain plan for you!  A good photographer will scout the venue for the perfect spots to keep you dry while still capturing the images of you dreams.
Have a flexible timeline
Another great option is to have some time in your schedule that is flexible.  That way if it starts raining right when you were planning on doing bride and groom portraits, maybe you can push them back to a later time when the weather is calling for dryer weather.
 Be prepared with props
Get a grouping of clear or colorful umbrellas that match your color scheme.  Or maybe even rain boots for all the girls!  Make it part of your decor or favors even.
Embrace it
The brides that have embraced the rain are the ones that end up with the best wedding day and the most amazing photos.  Go with it and love that you live in the Pacific Northwest and that you get the normal weather on your wedding day!  Maybe the skies will show off and you’ll get a rainbow (it’s happened!) or go out for some awesome back lit night shots.

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