10 Essential Wedding Photography Tips for the 2022 Bride

Every bride wants her photos to look unforgettable – you’ve spent so much time planning your wedding, after all. What’s more, your photos are going to be one of the few things left over after your big day.

To help you create the best memories for your photographer to capture, here are some essential tips.

  1. Hire the Best Photographer You Can Afford. Your wedding photography is one thing you’re allowed to splurge on, so pick the best photographer you can afford. This is not to say the most expensive photographer is necessarily the best, it just means they have more experience. Be sure to review their portfolio first.
  2. Use the Same Company for Photography & Videography. If you plan to have a photographer and videographer at your wedding, hire them from the same company. This way, the style of your photos and video are the same.
  3. Plan the Day Carefully. Having a wedding timeline is essential as it leaves enough time for each portion of the day. This way, you can get all the photos you were hoping for, and maybe a few more.
  4. Keep Locations to a Minimum. If you are worried that you might run out of time for quality photos, keep your locations to a minimum. Traveling between too many locations will eat away at your photo opportunities.
  5. Get the Veil. If you haven’t yet decided whether you want to wear a veil or not, we say, get it! Even if you don’t wear it for the ceremony, having it available for photos will leave you with some gorgeous, romantic shots.
  6. Use the Best Lighting for Your Couple Session. If there are any photos you should take during golden hour, let it be your couple photos. Plan your wedding timeline accordingly.
  7. Have Something to Toss. Some of the best wedding photos have movement, so have something to toss at some point in the day. This could be anything from flower petals to paper planes.
  8. Do the First Look. You won’t regret it and there is enough time!
  9. Try to Sneak Away. If you and your partner can find 20 minutes to sneak away during yourreception, do it! These make for super romantic and intimate photos.

10. Get the Sparklers. Lastly, if you do plan to make a grand exit at your reception, be sure to hand

your guests some sparklers – the photos are stunning!

We hope these tips will help as you plan those unforgettable wedding photos. Don’t forget to work closely with your photographer for the best results.