Top 10 Engagement Photo Locations in Seattle // Adventure Edition

Top 10 Engagement Photo Locations in Seattle: Adventure Edition

Almost every client of mine requests ideas for a location so I thought I would do a little series on my favorite spots in the Greater Seattle Area for your upcoming photoshoot with my Top 10 Engagement Photo Locations in Seattle: Adventure Edition!

1. Mount Rainier // Paradise

What I love about Engagement sessions at Paradise at Mount Rainier is, there is no hiking involved and you get EPIC views!  It is a few hours drive from Seattle but definitely work the trek.  There are also webcams for viewing if the mountain is out before we head up.  Note: this location is usually covered in snow during the winter months, so definitely plan a summer adventure!

View more from Sahmie and Will’s Fall Mount Rainier Engagement Session at Paradise.

2. Mount Rainier // Tipsoo

Another beautiful location at Mount Rainier that involves no hiking is Tipsoo Lake which is on the Sunrise side of Mount Rainier.  Also a few hours from Seattle, but a little bit closer.  Note: this location is also closed during the winter so check the status of the roads before heading up!

View more photos from Isabella and Nick’s Tipsoo Lake at Mount Rainier Engagement Session.

3. Snoqualmie Falls & Trails in The Snoqualmie Pass

It seems there are never-ending beautiful locations in the Pacific Northwest for Engagement sessions!  Snoqualmie Falls is a gorgeous tourist attraction in the Seattle area.  Unfortunately in the recent years the city has built fences that prevent us from getting down to the falls and the opposite side of the lake is a non-profit who could get in huge trouble for their members using the property for profit and so access directly to the rockery is not an option.  But all public viewpoints and river assess is available as show in the session below!  I also love taking my clients up into the Snoqualmie Pass to a few of my favorite trails (as in the photo below!).

View more from Amanda and Mason’s Snoqualmie engagement session here.

4. Rattlesnake Lake located in North Bend, Washington

I think Rattlesnake Lake is one of my all time favorite locations for engagement sessions.  Throughout the seasons it offers a variety of different looks as the lake slowly fills and empties.  It offers beautiful lakefront views, sweeping mountains and beautiful tall skinny trees! Also, its one of the closer locations in this list!

View more from Courtney and Thomas’s Rattlesnake Lake Engagement session here.

5. Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington 

This is a location you can find me at almost every week during the Spring and Fall!  Point Defiance offers gorgeous rose and dahlia gardens as well as various other types of gardens throughout the park.  You can also get beautiful mossy woods in their Five-Mile-Drive and hit up Owen’s beach for a few photos with Mount Rainier in the background on a clear day!

Point Defiance Park Engagement // Erik & Victoria Tacoma Seattle Wedding Photographer 9

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6. Rattlesnake Ridge located in Northbend, Washington

Yes, you do recognize the name of this location from earlier in this post!  Down at the bottom is Rattlesnake Lake.  If you do the 2 mile hike up to the top, then you are at Rattlesnake Ridge!  And the hike is worth every step with epic views!  This location is best done on a weekday in the summer as it is very popular for hikers and is packed on the weekends.  Also, not a location you want to hike in the winter due to ice and snow.

View more from Jennifer and Derek’s Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement Session here.


7. Discovery Park

Another easy to access and located IN SEATTLE with epic views is Discovery Park.  It is one of my absolute favorite locations for fall photos.  There are a variety of options at this location from sweeping views to adorable buildings, woods, tall grass and even a lighthouse on the beach.

View more photos from Nicole and Matthew’s Fall Discovery Park Engagement session here.


8. Franklin Falls

Franklin Falls is a beautiful location for a summer engagement session with only a half a mile walk to the falls!  You can walk right up and into the waterfall if you so choose and is a stunning location for photos.  Also recommend weekday sessions at this location as it is a popular local hiking spot.

See more photos from Ross and Courtney’s Franklin Falls Engagement session here.


9. Diablo Lake

This is probably one of the most stunning viewpoints you can find besides Mount Rainier that involves no hiking.  It is the longest drive on this list but well worth the effort.  It is only open during summer months so definitely check on road closures before making the trek.  Also note it is quite windy on the cliffs so be prepared for some windblown photos!

Click here to see more photos from Lulu and Christian’s Diablo Lake Adventure Engagement session.


10. Deception Pass

Deception Pass has such a variety of beautiful spots for photos with cliffsides, beaches, rockery and just epic viewpoints of the bridge.  A few hours away from Seattle and no actual hiking involved for this beautiful location!

Click here to see more from Molly and Luke’s Deception Pass Engagement session.


Bonus Locations:

Rent a Sailboat off of Seattle
Gold Creek Pond
Snow sessions in Snoqualmie Pass
Another beautiful Washington Waterfall