10 Hidden Wedding Costs You Might Need to Factor In

Setting a budget is one of the first things you do when you start planning a wedding. However, many couples soon realize that they need to pay for a few things that they didn’t even think of!

To help you prevent any unnecessary stress and plan as well as possible, here are some of the hidden wedding costs that you might run into in the lead-up to your big day:

  1. Postage. Love the idea of printed wedding invites and save the dates? Make sure you factor in postage costs. If you’re happy to switch to an online alternative, however, you can save yourself a little money here.
  2. Travel Expenses. Before you sign on the dotted line with any of your suppliers, make sure you find out more about whether they need you to cover their travel expenses. In fact, you may want to check for any other additional supplier expenses too.
  3. Admin Fees. Regardless of the type of ceremony you decide on, there’s a good chance that admin fees will be involved. The cost of the wedding certificate and the registrar’s fees are two examples. 
  4. Alterations. You never know when your wedding dress or your groom’s suit might require some alterations prior to the day. 
  5. Pre-Wedding Pampering. You want to look and feel good on your wedding day, but beauty treatments cost money. Brides tend to forget to budget for their nails, a haircut, facials, and eyebrow tints. 
  6. Hair and Makeup Trials. While not all hair and makeup artists will charge you for a trial, there are some that do – make sure you find out more about these costs as you plan your budget.
  7. Insurance. Wedding insurance offers that added peace of mind, so if you want to feel calmer on your wedding day knowing you are covered for almost any incident, you may want to budget for insurance too.
  8. Venue Extras. Again, before you sign your venue contract and pay a deposit, take another read through the terms and conditions to check for extra charges. You can even skip all that and simply ask your venue outright. 
  9. Décor Setup and Takedown. Is the venue going to assist you with setting up and taking down your décor on the day of your wedding? Find out whether they’re going to charge you extra for this. 
  10. Breakfast and Lunch. Staying over the night before and night of your wedding? Don’t forget to factor in the cost of breakfast and lunch for you and your wedding party. 

While these extra costs might not all apply to you in the end, it’s still good to keep them in mind!