You’re engaged! Now what? Tips for what to do next.

You’re engaged! Now what?  Tips for what to do next.


Pop some bubbly

Make sure to take some time to enjoy the fact that you just got engaged!  Pop some bubbly and revel in the moment.

Call your relatives

Call all the important people who you want to hear it directly from you!  Once it hits social media, the world will know so make sure you take some time to tell all the important people.

Get your ring sized

Although I know you’ll hate taking that ring off, get it sized right away so that you get it back quickly and can show off your new bling!

Get your ring insured

It is so important to get your ring inspected and insured just in case something happens to it or it gets lost.



Set a date

Sit down with your calendars and set a date!  Everyone is going to want to know when it is and it is an important factor in scheduling your vendors.

Set a budget

Chat with anyone who might be involved in the budget planning process and figure out exactly how much you want to spend on your wedding so you can stick to a budget.

Start a wedding savings account

Now that you know what your wedding budget is going to be, you can start a savings account to start stashing away the money to finance your wedding (and honeymoon!).

Start planning your engagement party

Everyone wants to celebrate with you so have fun and start planning an engagement session!  Rope in some of your bridal party to be and family members who would love to be involved.


Create a wedding blog

Start creating a wedding blog or website where everyone can access the information of your wedding easily.  You can share stories, photos, reservation information…etc.


Spend some time daydreaming what you want your wedding and honeymoon to look like!  You can even use Pinterest to help you visualize these ideas.

Plan a night out with your fiance

It is so important to remember to keep dating while engaged.  My husband and I actually planned to not talk about the wedding unless we planned a coffee shop wedding planning date!  We didn’t want the wedding to take over our lives.

Get a wedding planner

Wedding planners help reduce stress and know SO much more about weddings than you could ever realize.  If you are wanting a planner, start your vendor list with booking them first!


Ask your parents for their ideal guest lists

Start your guest list!  Get lists from your parents and your fiance so that you can get an idea of how many guests you would like to have at your wedding.  This is an important factor in booking your vendors.

Find a venue

Finding your venue is one of the first things you should do as it often determines your wedding date!  A planner can help you narrow down the list of venues based upon your guest list size, location and wedding theme.


Make a date night and go register for gifts!  I recommend narrowing it down to 2-3 stores depending on the type of items you want.  Then just go for it!  Put too much on your list as you can always go back and narrow it down online after the fact.


Don’t forget to enjoy being engaged.  It is a special time in your relationship and has its own unique feeling and moments to it.  And you can’t take too many selfies showing off your ring. ;-)

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