3 First Look Shots You Don’t Want to Miss // Tips for Clients

3 First Look Shots You Don’t Want to Miss

There’s something so special about seeing a bride in her wedding gown for the first time, especially when her hair and makeup looks perfect and she’s ready to marry the person of her dreams. Brides are always glowing in those moments and it makes for the most beautiful photos.

If you want to incorporate some first-look shots into your big day, here are 3 first look shots you don’t want to miss.

3 Must-have first look photos

Your bridesmaids see you for the first time

You chose your bridesmaids because you share a special bond and you want them to be by your side on one of the most important days of your life so if there’s a group of women who are going to be especially excited to see you in your wedding dress, it’s them.

Ask your photographer to capture your bridesmaids seeing you step out in your wedding dress for the first time for some memorable shots. Chances are your mom may be in the room too so don’t forget to capture her expression as well.

Your father sees you for the first time


The father of the bride seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time is a mix of pride and emotions and makes for some incredibly special photos. Make sure that your photographer knows what time your father will be collecting you so that he’s prepared. This particular first look moment is not one that you will soon forget.

Your fiancé sees you for the first time

And finally, there is nothing quite as magical as watching a groom seeing his future wife for the first time. For some couples, it’s a moment of pure joy while for others it’s a wonderful mix of joy and some happy tears. Either way, a first look with your future spouse is probably one of the most special moments that you will experience that day and is certainly one that deserves to be remembered.

Remember to relax and enjoy every second of these intimate moments with the people you love while your photographer does the rest.