4 Things to Do Before Your Photographer Arrives at Your Wedding Venue

4 Things to Do Before Your Photographer Arrives at Your Wedding Venue

So much planning goes into a wedding day and even though all of the big things will be planned well in advance, there is still one or two things that you will need to do on your wedding day.

Preparing for the arrival of your photographer will ensure that you can focus on having fun and getting ready, while your photographer has everything they need to take the photos you really want.

How to Prepare for Your Photographer’s Arrival

  1. Put them in touch with the right people. A bride should never have to worry about coordinating anything or dealing with any problems on her wedding day, which is why it’s important to provide your photographer with the contact details of your maid of honor as well as your wedding coordinator should they have any questions or need any information on the day.
  2. Keep the room clear. Your photographer needs space when taking your getting-ready shots so keep the room free of clutter and the number of people in the room to a minimum. It’s ok for people to come and say hello during the day but it’s best to just have your bridal party in the room when it’s time to take those key photos. The small details matter too so be sure to clear away any coat hangers, soda cans, and hand bags so that your photographer doesn’t need to waste time clearing the room.
  3. Keep your details together. If you want your photographer to take photos of items such as your shoes, garters, and jewelry, keep them all in one place. This way, by the time your photographer asks for them, everything is ready to go.
  4. Relax and enjoy this moment. Some of the best photos happen when you’re not paying attention and are simply enjoying the process of getting ready with the people you love. Your photographer is a professional and the best thing that you can do is to relax and enjoy your day so that they can take the perfect photos of you getting ready.

Planning a wedding can be trying at the best of times but this additional preparation just means that you will get to enjoy your day even more when the time comes.

Here at Rebecca Anne Photography we try to help you to help us be as prepared as possible by sending out a Questionnaire 6 weeks before the wedding to gather all the information we might need including contact information and asking for many specifics in regards to your photos. We also send some helpful emails to help you prep for our arrival.