5 Things Wedding Photographers Wished Every Bride & Groom Knew

Your photographer is one of your most important wedding vendors, and while you should take the time to choose the right person for the job, there are a few things your photographer is secretly hoping for too!

Couples that are well prepared and informed make it so much easier for a photographer to get their job done. If you want to have the best possible experience with your photographer before and on your wedding day, here are a few things that you and your partner should keep in mind.

1. Share Your Expectations Early On

So many brides are worried about turning into a bridezilla that they don’t speak up when it matters. You deserve to have a say in your photos, but it’s important to tell your photographer what you expect before your wedding day. Discussing your expectations in advance will ensure your photographer can prepare and let you know when something isn’t possible. Unfortunately, not every wedding photo you see on social media can be replicated.

2. Know What Styles You Like

If you’re not clear on which photography styles you like, don’t set up consultations with photographers just yet – not all photographers have the same style. Start by taking some time to get to know the different photography styles so that you can decide what you would prefer for your wedding. Once you know, it’s much easier to find and set up meetings with the right photographers. This saves your time and theirs.

3. Understand What It Means to Be a Professional Photographer

Your cousin knows how to take photos, so why should you hire a professional if he is willing to do it for free? Wedding photographers spend years perfecting their skills, which is why their services are an investment. Wedding photography is so much more than capturing a few images. It’s also looking at a scene with a creative eye, having the right equipment, and knowing how to edit an image without making it look tacky. If you’re struggling to justify the cost of wedding photography, take the time to understand what goes into your shoot.

4. Say No to Smartphones

There is nothing quite as frustrating for a photographer as trying to get a beautiful shot, only for a guest to stand up with their smartphone and try and do the same thing. If you want to make sure your photographer can capture every special moment of your ceremony, ask guests to leave their phones in their pockets or purses. Moments such as your first kiss only happen once, so make sure your photographer has a clear view!

5. Let Your Photographer Do Their Job

Couples spend so much time and money on their weddings that naturally, they want to capture every moment perfectly. However, a stressed out and controlling bride and groom can result in terrible photos or very few photos. If you’ve been clear about what you want from your photographer, you need to step aside and trust them to do their job. Plus, you’ve done enough work – it’s time to relax and enjoy your big day!

Know that your photographer wants you to have the best experience on your wedding day. Trust that you’ve made the right choice and focus on enjoying the day with your partner!