5 Ways to Get the Best Wedding Confetti Photos

There is nothing that captures joy quite like the confetti shot. You’re officially married and now the celebrations can begin!

Because this moment is fleeting though, it’s important to plan ahead, make it count, and ensure your photographer can get the very best shots. 

Here are a handful of tips to help you get the best confetti shots.

  1. Consider the Size of Your Wedding. Since smaller weddings have become the norm, instead of spreading them too far out, get them to gather around you and all throw the confetti at the same time. This ensures there is as much confetti falling around you as possible, making for an eye-catching shot. If you plan to have a larger wedding, get your guests to create a tunnel for the best shots. 
  2. What Confetti Can You Use? Not all venues allow you to throw just any type of confetti. The last thing you want is to not be able to throw your confetti because a specific type isn’t permitted. Some venues also only allow confetti in certain areas, so ask about this ahead of time. This way, you can better plan the shot with your photographer and ensure your guests are in the right place for the photo. 
  3. Speaking of Confetti Types. Certain types of confetti tend to work better than others. For example, rose petals are heavier, which means they don’t get as high in the air as other types of confetti. What’s more, they could end up staining your wedding dress. If you do want to go the floral route, opt for dried flowers – they’re lighter and smell wonderful. You can also go a more non-traditional route and opt for something like bubbles, which really emphasize the joy in that moment. 
  4. Coordinate the Moment. For the best confetti photos, you want your guests to throw at the same time. It’s best for you and your partner to stay out of sight until everyone is in place and has confetti in their hands. 
  5. Be Mindful of Your Face. It’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to clench their faces or purse their lips once the confetti is thrown, which can ruin your photos. Walk into the shot knowing the confetti is light and won’t hit you in the eyes or in a way that will hurt. 

By following these simple tips, you can look forward to adding memorable, frame-worthy shots to your wedding photo collection!