7 Wedding Photos You Simply Have to Have in Your Album

7 Wedding Photos You Simply Have to Have in Your Album

You’ve spent months planning your wedding day, making sure every little detail is as perfect as it can be. Your photographer now has the important job of capturing your special day and turning it into an album that you and your partner can treasure forever.

There are so many wonderful moments that make up a wedding day but when it comes to the photos that truly belong in your wedding album, there are a few that you simply need to capture.

Below are the 7 must-have photos that should be included in every wedding album:

  1. The bridal party.  You chose the people in your bridal party for a reason.  They’re all playing such an important role in your wedding day and you’re going to want to remember sharing it with them. Make sure to include at least one group photo of your bridesmaids and groomsmen in your album.
  2. The first look.  The first look doesn’t only have to be about the bride and groom. There is something so special about capturing a mother or father seeing their daughter in a wedding dress for the first time. The photo embodies pure emotion and is a moment that you will want to remember forever. Another popular twist on the first look is for the bride to have a photo of her bridesmaids seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress.
  3. The first kiss.  Your first kiss as a married couple is a must for your wedding album. It really captures the joy and romance of the day. It’s also important not to rush it in order to give your photographer the chance to get the best possible shot.
  4. The first moment alone.  Before you begin taking your couple portraits, take a few moments to breathe and take everything in. Let your photographer capture your first few moments alone together as a newly married couple for some truly unique photos for your album.
  5. The venue.  Your venue says a lot about your personal style as a couple and capturing a few beautiful shots of the venue from the outside will help you remember why you chose this particular venue to say your vows.
  6. The extra touches.  Every bridal couple likes to add small touches to their day to really make it their own. Taking a few shots of these extra touches will help make your album as unique as your wedding day was. These images can also make for some great background images in your album.
  7. The candid moments. While posed shots and portraits should be included in your album, don’t forget to leave room for the candid shots. The shots of your friends dancing or your grandmother laughing, the shots of your flower girls running around outside; these are the moments that you’re really going to want to remember.

Talk with your photographer ahead of time about the photos that you really want to include in your wedding album so that they know what your expectations are.