8 of the Most Common Wedding-Day Concerns Solved

Once you start planning your big day, a number of concerns are going to start cropping up. You won’t be the first bride to have these concerns and you won’t be the last. What you should focus on is the fact that solutions are available!

It’s also important to rely on the people you have hired or have offered to help you.

Concern 1: Lines at the Bar

To stop cocktail hour from turning into chaos, make sure your catering staff focuses on giving everyone a drink before they bring out any canapes. This could be a cocktail, wine, or champagne. When more people are handed a drink immediately, fewer people will be lining up at the bar.

Concern 2: Wedding Dress Damage

Whether it’s catching it on a hook or spilling some wine, every bride is worried about something happening to her beautiful dress. Two things you should have on your wedding day are stain removal wipes and a small roll of fabric tape, which can help fix rips if you don’t have time to sew them.

Concern 3: Guests Who Don’t Want to Dance

Every couple wants to see guests having fun at their wedding, so if you want to keep your dance floor full, try not to add too many distractions for guests. For example, having games and a photo booth will keep more guests away from the music.

Concern 4: Bad Weather

While you can’t control the weather, you can prepare for a worst-case scenario. One simple solution is to purchase a few umbrellas for your guests. You can also speak to your venue about any backup plans they have in place – almost every venue does.

Concern 5: Flowers That Block Views Across a Table

The easiest way to solve this is to have a candid conversation with your florist. This way, they can make sure the arrangements are eye level.

Concern 6: Drunk Guests

If you are worried about drunk, rowdy guests, don’t have an open bar with no limit. Another step you can take is to eliminate certain types of liquor – shots being a prime example. You can also make someone responsible for dealing with drunk guests so that they don’t cause a scene.

Concern 7: The Unwanted Plus One

How you word and design your invitations and RSVP cards will prevent people from bringing plus ones that weren’t invited. For example, for a single guest’s RSVP card, only add their name and leave one space for a meal choice. You can also state outright that you, unfortunately, won’t be able to accommodate any other guests.

For any other concerns, be sure to speak to your wedding planner or assign a potential problem to each person in your wedding party. This way, you don’t need to do anything but focus on your wedding.