Bridal Rules were Meant to be Broken // Guest Blog


I am so excited to share an article for you written by one of my favorite Seattle wedding dress shop, Calla Bridal about choosing the perfect dress for your wedding and getting to break all the rules while doing it!

The Northwest is full of individual and adventurous brides. Getting to know you is one of the best parts of our work. We love hearing about each couples’ unique wedding vision. You never know what to expect. Some are hiking to the top of a mountain at sunrise to share their vows. Some are tying the knot on a sailboat on the sound. Some are staying on land but at all sorts of venues; resorts, campgrounds, lavender farms, wineries, coastal villas. We love that each couple has chosen a place that feels special and comfortable with who they are to celebrate such a big day.

But lately we have been hearing a lot of concerns from our brides about how their dress is going to “fit in” with their venue. The Northwest bride is a trailblazer and a trend-setter, so there aren’t a lot of examples to look at for a weekend long backyard bash, or an industrial organic wedding to see what a bride “should” wear at these weddings. Some of our brides begin the dress hunt with limitations on their dress because they worry about how it will all work at their unique and creative wedding. We know from experience that sometimes you can’t predict what dress you will fall in love with, and we would hate to have some brides miss an opportunity for that magical I-found-my-dress joy because they worry “I can’t have x at my wedding”. Rules are meant to be broken! Especially with bridal. If you are drawn to dress that breaks one of these common rules we hear from brides, here is why you may not need to fear!



“I can’t wear a full skirt because we are having a more laid back wedding”

Full skirts are so fun to move in! If you plan to be strolling outdoors all night long, you may be more comfortable in an a-line dress because your legs will have full range of motion. There are many different “levels of fullness” too. There are definitely overwhelming ball gowns out there, but there are also a -lines that don’t really get full until the bottom, or skirts without any crinoline underneath at all, just pure flow. Plus you can twirl! And not to be too TMI, but if you are worried you might get hot, a lightweight full skirt is easier to get some fresh air under there than a more tight fitting gown

CallaBridal_Shopphotos-25“I can’t wear sparkle because its an outdoor wedding”

Something to think about is that there are many different kinds of shine in bridal. Crystals. Clear sequins. Clear glass beads. Silver sequins. Pearls. Glitter. Some are more “bling bling” than others. We love dresses that shimmer rather than flash at you. Its like light reflecting off water, subtle and beautiful. Sometimes a little twinkle can complement the vista, and will certainly make for stunning photos in the sunshine.


“I can’t have a train because the ceremony is in a garden”

Unfortunately, no matter if you are getting married in a hotel ballroom or in your backyard, the hem and train of your dress are going to be a disaster by the end of the night. Don’t worry! You can have it cleaned, but train, or no train, it’s going to be one heck of a day and your dress will not be pristine at the end, but hey! That’s the sign of a good party :) Instead of feeling like you can’t have a train, think about the fabric the train is made of. If your aisle is between the trees, or on grass, a delicate lace is probably going to get snagged. But a luxe crepe, or a heavier crocheted lace is going to hold its own. Still want those beautiful bridal portraits with a soft lace train? Consider having the dress bustled for the ceremony and then taking it down for the perfectly styled shots later. Or you can go Sound of Music style and have your flower girl carry your train behind you only to be spread on the ground once you get to the alter.

Bottom line, every bride should choose the dress that makes them feel like this is a really special day. A dress that remind  you  it’s the day you make the deepest commitment and celebrate love all night long. What are you going to be excited to put on, and just a little sad to take off? What makes you feel beautiful? What makes you feel confident? That’s the dress for you. Embrace this moment to do exactly what makes you happy, make your own rules!

**All photos by Rebecca Anne Photography of dresses from Calla Bridal.