Engagement Photoshoot Outfit Tips for Every Season

Engagement Photoshoot Outfit Tips for Every Season

Think of your engagement shoot as a less formal precursor to your wedding day. You can really use these photos for anything, including your invites or even your wedding program.

Choosing your outfits is definitely something you should give some proper thought to ahead of your shoot to ensure that you’re not just throwing any old thing on. Your photos should match your wedding style and work with both the season and your location.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the perfect wedding outfit based on the seasons.


  • Be comfortable and breezy. If you will be shooting during the summer months, think breathable fabrics, shorter hemlines, and flat shoes. If you will be shooting the beach itself, definitely go barefoot. 
  • You don’t have to wear a dress. If dresses really aren’t your thing, opt for a romper or jumpsuit instead. There are also a number of accessories that you can incorporate to add a feminine, summer-themed touch.
  • Be bold. Remember that your photos should represent you as a couple, so if you enjoy bright, bold colors, add them into your outfits for a unique touch. Just don’t go too heavy on the prints or they could be distracting. 


  • Work with the change in season. Since the weather will be getting colder and the colors outside will be changing, adapt your outfits to fit in with your surroundings. Longer sleeves, layers, and a fall color palette are a must.
  • Add a few accessories. Think bright scarves and colorful hats. A simple accessory can really bring your fall engagement photos to life. Just make sure they won’t be competing with your outfit.
  • Try it in white. There’s no rule that says you can’t incorporate white into your engagement shoot too. Find fabrics and textures that will work well with your fall-themed shoot for something different. 


  • Add a festive feel. If you will be shooting in winter, why not use it as the perfect excuse to incorporate some beautiful metallic colors into your photos. 
  • Work with the elements. Since the weather can be quite unpredictable at this time, have some gorgeous coats and hats ready so that you can easily incorporate them into your photos if need be.
  • Consider cocktail attire. In fitting with the snowy weather and your upcoming wedding, a classic white cocktail dress and a charcoal suit can give your photos an elegant and timeless feel.


  • Make it dreamy. Spring is all about new beginnings, so find a way to incorporate pastel colors and florals to make your photos extra dreamy and romantic.
  • Be prepared. Since the weather could still be quite chilly, find a light sweater or pashmina to throw over your outfit – plus it makes for a great accessory either way. 
  • Don’t forget your accessories. If you don’t want to go all the whole with the spring-theme, you can simply add a basic accessory that will give your photos an elegant twist – stonewashed shades being a great example.

Regardless of the season you decide on, the key to choosing the right outfit is to use your personalities as a guideline.