Four years of marriage // Personal

Four years of marriage // Personal

Today marks four years of being married to my husband, seven and a half years of dating and roughly twenty-four years of knowing each other.

If you read last year’s anniversary post then you already know the story of how we met in our church preschool “blue room”, were friends growing up our whole lives while always having crushes on the other person and finally started dating in college.

I’m not going to write another long sappy blog post this year but keep it short and sweet with a note to my husband.

This year has been both crazy and amazing.  We moved twice.  We bought our first home together.  We’ve continued to figure out this crazy life of me running my own business.  We’ve dealt with a lot of personal grief.  And we’ve made a lot of great decisions for our family.  I love this life with you and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.  Thank you for supporting me, lending a listening ear when I need it, serving me at my lowest, always giving sound advice, laughing with me when I’m being ridiculous, eating all the sushi with me and for giving me all the bear hugs and chocolate in the world.  I am excited for what this next year holds for us and am so glad its your hand I get to hold along the way.  I love you. Happy Anniversary! 

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Photos by Echo Photography from our anniversary session last year at Mount Rainier.