Is Wedding Insurance Truly Necessary?

Is Wedding Insurance Truly Necessary?

Wedding horror stories happen, and, in most instances, they could’ve been avoided. However, these could just be worst-case scenarios. Is wedding insurance really something you need to consider when most wedding venues generally have their own liability insurance? 

What many couples don’t realize is that wedding insurance is not just for liability concerns.

Here are a few other types of insurance that you may want to consider for your big day.

  1. Liquor Liability Insurance. Did you know that if someone causes an accident because they drove away from your wedding intoxicated that you could be liable? Liquor liability insurance helps prevent this. While this is rare, it could happen. It’s mostly up to you to decide whether you want this added peace of mind. 
  2. General Liability Insurance. Again, while your venue will almost certainly have its own liability insurance, having your own provides with you added protection. This is mostly to ensure that any damage caused by guests will be fully covered, whether this is by the venue’s insurance, yours, or a combination of both. Ask your venue exactly what their liability insurance covers before you decide. 
  3. Deposit Protection. You will be paying deposits for most of your vendors and suppliers. Deposit protection insurance ensures that you are covered should anyone cancel or disappear with your money unexpectedly. Doing enough research should prevent this from happening though. It also helps to carefully read any cancellation clauses in your contracts with vendors. 
  4. Jewelry Insurance. This is a must for anyone who has expensive wedding rings and bands. Agreed value is the most common type of jewelry insurance. Just be aware of the fact that synthetic diamonds and precious stones don’t need to be appraised, so don’t let an insurer convince you otherwise. 

In terms of what you can expect to pay, wedding insurance costs start at around $200. It might end up being a small price to pay to ensure you have peace of mind on your wedding day!