Lakewold Gardens Wedding // Laura & Emmett

 Lakewold Gardens Wedding // Laura & Emmett

 Laura and Emmett had a beautiful vintage with a twist of modern wedding at Lakewold Gardens.  The day started out at their home church for a beautiful and intimate ceremony followed by an exit covering them in birdseed!  From there we headed to Lakewold Gardens for their reception.  Laura was so creative with her decor with her dessert bar with a striking paper flower wall to the little details of gold in the bottom of the flower vases and meaningful portraits of family members on each table.  Their colors were mint green, grey and gold with the pops of color being in the flowers.  Their floral arrangements contained garden rose butterscotch cream, coral sherbet big fun rose, peony rose bridal piano, white anemones, and kiss of pink spray roses.  Needless to say, they were to die for.  She worn a stunning dress from by Maggie Sotterro from New Beginnings with her bolero made by a family friend.

One of my favorite moments from the day was that they shared their first kiss after the ceremony privately (well…with me along!).   And also that Emmett’s sister sang Sweet Child of Mine for Laura and her father’s first dance.

From the bride: We met in High School, when I first walked onto the bus I saw him. (He didn’t notice me) But his bright blue eyes catch my attention, and then one day I saw him laugh and smile, and I fell. I was always shy, so I was never able to get up the nervous to ask him out. It wasn’t until I really needed help with Math and I knew he was really good at it that I got the nerve to ask him to come over and “help me”. Needless to say we spent 5 hours just talking and not doing the homework that I had. That is where it all started.

From the bride: Every year my family’s home town of Guernsey Wyoming has Fourth of July parade. Well my Nono is the Mayor of the town right outside of Guernsey which is Hartville Wyoming. So Hartville always has a float that they make up and that everyone comes together to help with. This was the first year Emmett had ever been in Wyoming for the Fourth, so naturally my Noni and Nono wanted us to be on the float with them so Emmett could experience it. I had woke up pretty early that day because I wanted to look nice because I was going to be on a float in front of the whole town and we needed to help my family out with the float still, Emmett was already up and told me that he would go help with the float and that I could take my time getting ready so I did. When I was all ready we got on the float and we were throwing candy to all the little kids and it was a lot of fun, I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of candy and I hadn’t seen either of my nieces yet and it concerned me because I thought they were going to get any, so I made sure to set a huge hand full to the side. We had gotten most way through the town and I still hadn’t seen my nieces yet, so Emmett said he would text my sister to see where they were. He had told me that because Kinsley was sick they were at the end, so she wouldn’t get the rest of the kids sick. By that time we were almost all the way to the end so I picked up the candy I set aside and looking everywhere for my nieces I saw my sister Michelle and my oldest niece Brooke holding something white. All of a sudden they flipped it up and the signs said Laura Offe will you, and in a puzzled look I turned to my Nono thinking, that isn’t even a full sentence? My Nono was smiling looking right behind me, so I turned around and Emmett was on his knee with a sign and a ring that said Marry me? I turn around to my nieces as fast as I could and threw the candy and turned back to Emmett and just started crying. I couldn’t even tell him yes I was crying so much, I just nodded and took the ring, he got up and hugged me as we both cried! :) It was so sweet and perfect. My whole family was there, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect proposal.


From the bride: The biggest thing for my wedding was that I really wanted to make as much of the decorations myself. I really liked the look of the venue itself so I really did feel that I needed to do much to it to make it beautiful. We added lights to the outside of the garden, because that was something I really wanted was some romantic lighting in the garden. But I had help from my family to make the photo booth back drop and the candy table. I really love the look of taking something old and putting it with something new, which you see a lot throughout my wedding. I had some pictures of my family and Emmett’s family at their wedding placed in vintage frames for center pieces. Our thank you gives for our families were these little heart shaped wildflowers that I made with Emmett’s Mom Theresa, that had a beautiful quote on them. I made the big S (for Salisbury) with flowers on it with gold frame. The Candy bags for the table were designed by me to match our invitations, and the over all theme. Lastly our awesome photo booth, which I had an idea and my mom made for me. We got material from Joanna’s.


From the bride: Start looking at antique stores, I got a lot of my ideas from them. I got an idea of what I wanted through magazines and looking online but then I would go to antique stores and picking up little things here and there and using them, or changing them into something I liked better. I spent a lot of time crafting, by myself and with family and friends. So make sure you have some good wine to tend your girlfriends into helping to plan and craft things. Lastly have fun with it, don’t over think just set a list of what you want and attack, I used a lot of outside resourcing for things in my wedding that I knew I didn’t have time for, which really help keep the stress down.


Photography: Rebecca Anne Photography
Venue: Lakewold Gardens
Dress: Maggie Sotterro from New Beginnings
Catering: Occasions Catering