My Photography Journey // For Photographers

My Photography Journey // For Photographers


Photo by Sarah Anne Photography

Well I thought we might as well start this series off with where it all began!  This love and passion for photography started with a simple film camera (that I still own to this day) that was my Grandfather’s.  From there my parents bought me my first SLR from another family member.  I started how I think most photographers start which is by taking photos of your friends, senior portraits and lots of photos of your pets and flowers!


From there I took a few film classes in high school and started pursuing journalism as well accompanied with photography.  I realize now that my love for telling stories which I pursued in my college education via Journalism at the University of Washington directly correlated to my love of telling stories through photography.  I got on board early on with an associate company that would book photographers, videographers and DJ’s for weddings and started shooting with them for free.  Eventually I made my way up to getting paid to second shoot weddings and then became a first shooter and eventually one of their only photographers and photographed the owner’s wedding.  During that time I spent a lot of time learning from lots of photographers and also teaching myself everything I could!  Photography was really my first and basically only job through high school and college and I was eventually shooting 20-30 weddings each year through associate shooting and building up my own brand, Rebecca Anne Photography.  I majored in journalism at The University of Washington, focusing in multi-media with video, audio and photos.  Upon graduation from college I quickly discovered that the journalism world was not for me.  My love of telling personal stories outweighed my desire to hunt down the “news story” and so I quit my pursuit of working in the newsroom.


After that I went to work at Starbucks as a Supervisor while I worked on continuing to grow my business.  During that time I got married which enabled me to quit working at Starbucks and dive in full time to photography with his amazing support.  It has been 5 years since I went full time and I now shoot 30-40 weddings per year along with numerous other shoots.  This business is constantly changing and it has been amazing to see my brand and business grow and adapt even in 5 years.  I love this job and I could not imagine doing anything else.  Emotions and stories are what fuel what I do and I love to get to capture those once in a lifetime moments for my clients.


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