Simple & Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Wedding Vendors

Your vendors play an integral role in your wedding day. They take the time and effort to make sure that your big day is everything you’ve ever dreamed about! If you loved the experiences you had with your vendors, there are a few simple, but thoughtful ways, that you can show your appreciation.

  • Send a thank-you card.​ Since you will be sending thank-you cards to your guests, why not send a special thank you to your vendors too! It might seem like a simple gesture, but it means more than you know, especially if you personalize your card. Be specific about what they did right and why you would recommend them to other couples.
  • Write a review.​ Vendors rely on reviews to help them get new clients. Whether you personally send them a review in an email or leave a review online, it can make the biggest difference! Sharing your praises on social media is another thoughtful way to spread the word.
  • Leave a tip.​ While this is not a must, if you really felt that a vendor went above and beyond, leaving a tip is a nice way to thank them for their efforts. If you feel that tipping your vendors is something you would want to do, add it to your budget ahead of time. It definitely won’t go unappreciated.
  • Be a reference. ​Many potential clients ask vendors for a reference and if you don’t mind a few phone calls throughout the year, why not sign up as one? This doesn’t mean they need to display your contact details online; it simply means they can give potential clients your details if they would prefer to speak to a past client.
  • Purchase a gift card. ​Another way to help your vendor out financially and show your appreciation is to purchase a gift card from their business. This won’t be possible with all vendors, but caterers, photographers and florists can all be contacted for events in the future!
  • Send them a gift​. If you have some extra money in your budget, consider sending your vendors a small gift to thank them for all they did. Many vendors don’t always get the thank you’s they deserve, so making the effort to show your appreciation will mean more than you know.