Stitch Fix Box Review // Personal

Stitch Fix Box Review // Personal


I have been dying to try out Stitch Fix ever since I heard about it from a friend sharing her experience on Facebook one day.

What is Stitch Fix you ask?
Stitch Fix is a clothing company that assigns a personal stylist to you and delivers clothing right to your door!

How does it work?
You go fill out a style profile and tell them all about your preferences and even price points for different items.  You can even include a Pinterest board for your stylist to check out!  Then you schedule your fix and they mail you a box!  There is a $20 styling fee but if you choose to buy any items from the box then the fee goes towards your purchase.  If you purchase all 5 items then you also get a 25% discount!  Anything you don’t want you can simply drop in the bag they give you and mail it back.

How did my first box go?
For my first box I decided that I was in desperate need of clothing to wear while photographing weddings and portraits since I only had one skirt and top that I really loved.  I told my stylist this and created a Pinterest board just for her!  And WOW…I am impressed.  I feel like she knew me better than I know myself.


The box arrived exactly when I expected it to and I had actually forgotten when it was coming so it was a pleasant surprise.  I couldn’t wait to try everything on.

Stitch-Fix-Box-1_WebRes-36_WEBYour box comes with easy instructions about what happens next as well as a note from your stylist about the items she picked for you.  Also included are awesome layouts and suggestions for how to use  your items.  Also a price list so you can easily see how much each item costs.

  Daniel Rainn – Lyn Eyelet Detail Top – $68

Stitch-Fix-Box-1_WebRes-29_WEBI am so in love with this top.  It is just perfect!!  It is lightweight and formal enough to wear to a wedding but also casual enough for a portrait session or consult if paired with pants.  Definitely keeping!

Below is a sample of how I paired it with something else already in my wardrobe.


Collective Concepts – Esten Button Up Sleeveless Blouse – $54


Another hit!! She nailed it with this one as I have been obsessed with loose tops like this one.  I especially adore this top because of the gathering around the neck and green is one of my favorite colors to wear.  I am a tad apprehensive to keep it because of the price since I could probably find a shirt similar for a cheaper price and I also have a few like this.  Unsure if I will keep it.

 I tried pairing with with some of my favorite jeans to see what I thought.


Gilli – Jodie Textured Skirt – $58


I seriously almost bought a skirt like this the other week and I am glad I didn’t because I love this one more!  I think it might be a tad big so I contacted the company and they are totally flexible on sending me a smaller size.  Again, unsure if I will keep it though since I have a hard time pairing shirts with a high waist.


 Margaret M – Ember Printed Cropped Straight Leg Pant – $98


When I first saw these pants I immediately wrote them off and tried on everything else first.  But then I read the stylists notes again and she emphasized that they are very comfortable.  So I tried them on and she was definitely right!  I was going to nix them but then my mom came home and thought they were super cute and definitely not something I would normally wear and encouraged me to keep them.  They are definitely easy to pair items from my own closet with!  Definitely keeping them!


Bancroft – Kara Hammered Coin Long Necklace – $34


I am not a huge jewelry fan but I have to say I do love this necklace.  However I don’t usually wear necklaces while shooting photos due to all the straps.  That being said if I was going to wear one, this would be a comfortable and easy one to wear!  I love it although since I don’t really do jewelry much the price seems high to me.  But if I keep enough other items then this will stay too since it will make more sense with the budget.  Unsure if I will keep it.


Now here are the outfits how the stylist recommended them:


Overall I am so impressed!  I love everything with just a few minor details like getting a smaller sized skirt.  If I keep all 5 items then I save 25% plus the $20 styling fee comes off as well.  Which means if I keep 3 items then I might as well keep them all since it would be a similar price!  I have three days to make up my mind so I am going to keep playing with the pieces and see what I think.

What do you think?!  Which pieces are you favorite?

Now go try it for yourself!!