The #1 tool that has increased my productivity // CoSchedule // For Photographers

The #1 tool that has increased my productivity // CoSchedule // For Photographers

I’ve been starting to share a few blogs showcasing some behind the scenes of my business and today is a great one, especially if you are a photographer! Many of you know that I love to blog and probably blog a bit to much. But that’s what happens when you used to be a journalist before you became a photographer! Today I’m sharing a little review about a wonderful tool called CoSchedule and how it has basically saved my life (or at least saved me time!).  It is the number one tool in my toolbox that has saved me so much time and I want to share about it with you today!

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What exactly is CoSchedule? To describe it in short, it is a social media  and blog scheduler. However, it has so many amazing features that the above description simply does not do it justice.

Editorial Calendar

One of the main reasons I started using CoSchedule was because of its editorial calendar view and how easy it was to drag and drop my posts. I pull a blog post from the WordPress tab that I have drafted and just drop it on the day I want to post (you can also use the scheduler from your WordPress blog itself too!)! From there I go schedule my social media posts (more on this later) and tell it when to post and it drops the little boxes in the calendar. Later if I change my mind on when I want something to post, I can just drag it to another day.  I also love that it has the option for scheduling at “the best time” this saves me so much time in having to research each platform I use and simply schedule them all at once.
I also love that I can just look at a glance and see where I have gaps in my calendar that I may need to fill. And it helps me plan what and when I want to post things. I have created a system to try to not overwhelm people with certain types of content and this calendar view helps me to space things out nicely.

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Integrates with Google Docs, Evernote, WordPress & More!

It took all of my favorite things and basically put them into one place. So now my blogging workflow is so easy and simple its made writing and scheduling my blogs and social media a dream and I might even say, fun!

Now I get to write my posts in Google Docs which I love because sometimes I have my laptop with me, or maybe my iPad and a keyboard and when inspiration strikes I can pull it up and write! No more copying and pasting! I don’t use Evernote, but have heard this is also an awesome feature.

And of course integration with WordPress is AMAZING! My photo based blogs go straight into WordPress where my content blogs are written in Google Docs and so I love that I can utilize both programs easily through my calendar. Or if I don’t want to open up CoSchedule and am in WordPress, there is a plugin that will show up at the bottom of your blog so you can schedule it right there. They really did think of everything. See more of their integrations here.

Pinterest Scheduling

During off season I have a bit more time so I can do something like pinning photos from my blog posts, but once I’m busy shooting and editing I won’t have the time.  So this is a great feature for me.  Pinterest is huge in driving traffic to my blog and so I love that I can have this all in one place along with my  more interactive social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


They have an app!  You can manage, schedule and edit your posts on the go from your app!  It will also send you prompts to post your Instagram scheduled posts!

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Social Media Scheduling 

So obviously this is the whole point of CoSchedule but, seriously, its amazing. I love that when I go to post a blog it prompts me to keep posting about that certain blog. Do you ever feel sometimes your blog post just….dies? You do all this work to write and create this beautiful post and then you post about it on social media once and done! Its gone.

Well when you schedule your blogs it props you to post about it…today, tomorrow, one week from now, one month from now and then a custom option. I usually utilize ALL of them! I often don’t get to actually share many photos from a session and so this helps me to feel like I get to share a few more favorites. And it helps the post to stay alive.

Another favorite is that it tracks your analytics for posts and tells you your most highly viewed blogs and encourages you to keep posting about them!

Some newer features I cannot wait to try out here soon are ReQueue and and their bulk posting!  ReQueue is a set it and forget it method which intelligently automates your social media posts!  I cannot wait to try it!

Now what are you waiting for, go sign up and save yourself A LOT of time!!