The First Post // For Photographer

The First Post // For Photographers


I am excited to start a new blogging series here solely for photographers.  As my business has slowly grown, so have my inquieries from other photographers asking questions, wanting to know more about what I do or how I got started or wanting to shadow or second shoot with me.  While I try to answer every email I do not always have time to answer each question or accommodate each person coming along to a shoot with me.  That is basically how this idea was born.  A place where I could answer other photographers questions and help guide them in the growth of their own passion and businesses.

The upcoming months I will start by sharing details of how my photography journey began, the rebranding process and logo development, the gear I use and why I use it, a look inside my props bag and more!

I will do my best to keep this blog updated with new topics, ideas and encouragement!  Now, what would you like to hear about?  Comment below with your ideas or questions!