Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Photography Timeline

A well thought out wedding photography timeline can really make a massive difference on your entire wedding day!

Mapping out your timeline ahead of time means that your day will run a lot smoother and your photographer will have enough time to get all the shots he/she needs. There are a lot of moments and people to take into consideration when planning the timeline for your big day but the extra effort will be well worth it in the end.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan the timing of your special day:

Start with a basic outline

Before you start getting into the specific details, jot down the most important parts of your day such as getting ready, the ceremony, family and couples photos as well as the reception. Once you have divided your day into larger chunks, you can start breaking them down into more detailed time slots.

Will there be a first look?

First looks between couples have become a popular way to start the day. If you and your future husband or wife has decided on a first look, remember to factor this into your timeline before the ceremony.

Consider the size of your bridal party

How many bridesmaids you have will play a role in your timeline since you will need to consider how long it will take to do everyone’s hair and makeup and still take photos together. Don’t forget to include mom as well as your new mother-in-law.

Will the reception and ceremony be held at the same venue?

If you and your bridal party will be traveling to a separate venue for the ceremony, keep this in mind when planning your wedding photography timeline. Also, if your photographer won’t be working with an assistant, remember that he/she will need time to head to the venue to take photos before you arrive. Again, if you will be taking your couple shots at the reception venue, factor this travel time into your planning.

Consider the size of your family

If you and your future spouse have a large family, remember to add some additional time for family photos, especially since it can always take some extra time to get everyone together to begin with.

Overall, the best way to plan your wedding photography timeline is to work backwards, starting with when you would ideally want people to start dancing and relaxing. From there, you can slowly plan out the finer details such as your first dance and couple shots, all the way through to when you first start getting ready.