Tips for a successful engagement session

Tips for a Successful Engagement Session

Engagement photos are one of my favorite sessions to get to photograph!  Being engaged has its own feel and emotions attached to it and its such a joy to document those moments.  It also is a wonderful add on to your wedding as it helps prepare us for the wedding day.  It is like a warm up so that when we arrive to your wedding photos, we are all ready to go.  I love getting to learn how you love to look.  I see the photos you choose as your favorites from your engagement session and so on your wedding day, I direct you in that path.  Maybe you LOVE when the two of you are joyously laughing.  Or maybe those soft intimate moments are you favorite.  Today’s blog showcases a few tips to help you have the most successful engagement session possible!


1. Pick a killer location

Engagement sessions are great because you get the opportunity to go anywhere for these special photos!  You want to choose a location that either has a personal connection for you and your fiance or somewhere that has a look and feel that you want.  Some clients want a modern urban city feel, while others want a more casual woods and hiking look to their engagement session.  Figure out what is important to you!  If you have an idea of the type of look you want, but do not know the perfect location, let me know as I know lots of places!

2. Wear your favorite outfit or something comfortable

I always recommend having one of your outfits be comfortable and casual and something you feel yourself while wearing.  And then for your second outfit, pull out all the stops and wow them!  Avoid large logos, neon colors or clothes that might be too baggy or too tight.

3. Props or a theme

I love when my clients personalize their their sessions with props or a theme!  Or often couples will choose a location that is personal to their relationship like the coffee shop of your first date or the corner where you shared your first kiss.

4. Have fun!

Don’t forget to have fun!  I love engagement sessions because I get to know my clients and go on an adventure with them.  Often I think of it as simply that you two are on a date and I happen to get to be along capturing the two of you, being you!


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