Tips for Groomsmen & Groomsmen Gifts // Guest Blogger

Tips for Groomsmen & Groomsmen Gifts  // Guest Blogger

Groomsmen Gifts

I am so excited to share a guest blog post by Groovy Groomsmen Gifts who reached out to me after seeing some of my helpful blog posts and wanted to contribute some helpful tips for groomsmen and gift ideas!  They shipped me one of their popular gifts to accompany the post with some photos featuring their product and I decided to accompany it with a few of my husband’s fun nicknacks.  Check out their helpful article below!

Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen are typically made up of the best guy friends in the groom’s life. But while it is both an honor and a privilege to be asked to become part of a buddy’s entourage, it comes with its own set of responsibilities that isn’t limited to walking the bridesmaids down the aisle.

Check out this list of duties that a groomsman typically is expected to carry out:

1. Look good in a wedding attire. Unless the couple offers to take care of the entourage’s wedding suit, groomsmen are expected to have their tux ready and fitted in time for the wedding themselves. Showing up all dashing and presentable is also a show of support for the groom’s special day.

2. Lend a hand in planning the bachelor party. The best man takes it upon himself to plan out a smashing party for the groom-to-be, and the groomsmen are expected to assist him in planning and carrying out every detail.

3. Attend all pre-wedding festivities. This can get pretty expensive for the groomsman when adding up, but in a way, it lets him spend time with the groom before he goes off to tie the knot and become less available for Friday night hang outs.

4. Usher guests in, and answer questions. Before the ceremony, groomsmen may be asked to help guests find their seats. Not only that, they may also be the go-to guys for information about the facilities in the ceremony venue.

5. Have a speech ready. You know, for when the couple suddenly feels like calling on that buddy who hates being put in the spotlight. Traditionally, it’s the best man that gives the speech, but there’s no rule that says you can’t ask your groomsmen, too.

Groomsmen Gifts

Of course, grooms can’t have his best friends do all that for him and not be appreciated. There’s no need to get sappy either, instead, present each of them with a groomsman gift. And this one comes highly recommended – a gift set that’s aptly called Your Buddy’s Buddies. With a shot glass and a knife (choose between single blade and multi-tool) laid beautifully inside a rockin’ wooden box, it’s the perfect gift for any kind of man’s man. It’s not only awesome to look at and to hold, it’s also very practical and would surely be of use whether your buddy is into drinking or into outdoor activities such as camping or fishing.

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