Tips for Planning a Wedding in 3 Months or Less

It’s no secret that wedding planning can be overwhelming. However, when you only have a few months to plan everything, being organized and decisive is essential.

The good news is, it’s possible to plan a beautiful, memorable wedding in 3 months or less! You just need to know how to approach it and what to focus on first. 

Be Ready to Make Quick Decisions

When you don’t have months to decide on a venue and guest list, be prepared to be selective. Once you make a shortlist of vendors, set a deadline for making a decision and just do it. When you know exactly what you’re looking for, your shortlist should only include vendors that meet all, or at least most, of your requirements. In turn, this should make it much easier to make a final call in a short span of time. 

Simplicity is Essential

As a couple that only has a few months to plan a wedding, it’s best to keep simplicity at the heart of the planning process. For example, once you have a budget, search for venues that include most of what you need such as food, décor, and anything else that would generally require more planning. Found a florist that is also a caterer? Great! If you love what they can do and the price is right, go with a vendor that can help you with more. 

Ask for Help

Friends and family will always be willing to assist, so take them up if they offer to help. The more people you have helping you, the easier it will be to plan a wedding in 3 months or less. It’s only until you plan a wedding in a hurry that you realize just how talented your friends and family are. Lean on them – you won’t be sorry.

Have Realistic Expectations

While you can get a lot done in 3 months, it’s still best to set realistic expectations. You may want that designer wedding dress, but if the wait time is 6 months, you’re going to need a plan B. Really want to book a specific photographer but can’t get a date for the next year? Have some other options lined up. Planning a wedding in 3 months will require you to keep an open mind and be prepared for potential disappointments. 

Enjoy the Process

Just because you are planning a wedding with very little time to spare doesn’t mean you and your partner shouldn’t take time out to relax. It’s so important to enjoy planning your wedding – it’s a big part of what makes it so memorable! Plus, you don’t want the morning of your wedding to roll around and to feel depleted and less than excited because of the stress.

What Should I Focus on First?

When you have 3 months or less to spare, here are the things you should focus on first:

  • Getting a marriage license
  • Deciding on a date and sending a save the date
  • Creating a guest list
  • Booking a wedding venue and officiant
  • Booking a caterer and photographer
  • Arranging a florist and music for the day
  • Finding your wedding dress/outfits
  • Decide on décor and research hiring companies and stationery

With this advice in mind, we wish you all the luck with the planning process. May your day be filled with joy and love!