Engagement Location Ideas: Beach Edition // Tips for Clients

Engagement Location Ideas: Beach Edition // Tips for Clients


Today is the continuation of a little series on engagement photoshoot locations in the Pacific Northwest!  And today we are going to start with some of my favorite places that I have shot at that include gorgeous beaches for engagement photos near Seattle!  If you are interested in a list of places I have yet to shoot, go check out my Pacific Northwest Photo Wish List here!  Or click here to see my last blog post with engagement location ideas for hiking!


Ali Beach, Seattle

Alki beach is a beautiful spot to grab a gorgeous backdrop of Seattle!  Since the beach stretch is so long you can get a variety of shots with docks, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, a city backdrop, a direct sunset and could even run across the street and grab an ice cream cone!

Lincoln Park and Alki Beach Engagement

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Owens Beach, Tacoma

Owen’s beach is one of my favorite spots.  On a clear day you can get a gorgeous view of Mount Rainier and usually a gorgeous pink sunset awaits you.  It has those perfect logs to sit on, gorgeous trees lining the beach as well as some of the Pacific Northwest rocky sands.  It sits just below Point Defiance Park which also offers additional variety.


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Ruston Way Beach, Tacoma

Ruston Way is another favorite of mine and you can often find me and my husband taking a walk or grabbing dinner in the neighborhood.  There are some beautiful beach access areas along with parks, interesting sculptures and of course a great spot to grab dinner after your shoot for that starting finance! ;-)

Wright Park Tacoma Engagement // Alyssa & Travis

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Chambers Bay Beach, Tacoma

Chambers Bay Beach is simply gorgeous and offers so much variety in the surrounding areas for photos with fields, hills, sculptures, bridges and more!



Golden Gardens, Seattle

Golden Gardens is probably one of my favorite beaches as it has that perfect sand, some rolling hills and epic trees that the sun cascades through beautifully!  You are just a short walk from where the boats dock and above the beach are some gorgeous hills with trees.  The only downside to this beach is how popular it is and it can take quite some time to find a parking spot!



Edmonds Beach, Edmonds

I absolutely adore this beach.  It has direct access to seeing the sunset and so we can shoot completely until sunset.  The wind blows through creating a very moody and romantic feel.  It also has gorgeous rockery and a variety of other options just up from the beach.

Edmonds Beach Engagement SessionSee more Edmonds Beach photos here. 


Discovery Park, Seattle

This is a favorite spot in the Seattle area as it is just below Discovery Park which provides gorgeous fields with flowers blooming, those Pacific Northwest mossy trees, beautiful houses and then you can hit the beach with the Lighthouse with a direct sunset.  The only downside to this spot is you cannot park near the beach and need to have someone drop you off or plan to be there while the shuttle is running.



 Lincoln Park Beach, Seattle

Another favorite spot of mine!  Lincoln Park beach is just below Lincoln Park which is a gorgeous spot for that epic Pacific Northwest woodsy feel.  This beach also gets direct access to the sun setting and so we can hang out until we lose light!  You can also see the ferry’s docking which provides another gorgeous backdrop.

Lincoln Park and Alki Beach Engagement

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Point-No-Point Lighthouse Beach, Hansville

Point-No-Point Lighthouse beach reminds me a lot of Discovery Park as it provides the gorgeous lighthouse on the corner but still has a variety of backdrops with trees and houses and of course that perfect sandy beach.

Point-No-Point Lighthouse Engagement // Kayla & Jason Tacoma Seattle Wedding Photographer 6

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