Top 10 Engagement Photo Pose Ideas

Top 10 engagement photo pose ideas
In the Seattle Area

Need some ideas or inspiration for your engagement session?  Here are my Top 10 Engagement Photo Pose Ideas
and also a few of my favorite locations in the Seattle area too!

1. The Classic

The classic and simple portrait that everyone wants, especially grandma and it usually goes on your save the date!

Engagement photos at Edmonds Beach

You can never go wrong with a classic portrait for engagement photos

Engagement photos at Lincoln Park in West Seattle

Change up the classic photo with a little bit of a different pose but make sure you can still clearly see their faces!

Snoqualmie Falls engagement phtoos

A rainy day can still provide a classic engagement photo at Snoqualmie Falls

Engagement Photos at Rattlesnake Lake

Again, another way to change up the classic photo but still a great image at Rattlesnake Lake!

2. Wide Epic

For me, wide epic shots are my absolute favorite! Show off the beautiful location you chose to shoot at or the dramatic sunset.

Mount Rainier Engagement Photos

I think this is one of my favorite photos. Rebekah and Brian were amazing for their Mount Rainier Engagement Photos.

Night photography from Alki Beach in West Seattle.

Think light. City lights. Back lights. I love this photo of Rachel and Joe at Alki beach with the Seattle Skyline at night.

Downtown Seattle Editorial engagement photo night photography

Add some light and an editorial pose for another wide epic shot in Downtown Seattle

Wide epic Edmonds Beach Engagement Photos

Silhouettes are one of my favorite shots, especially for a wide epic shot and with clouds like Dana and Dustin had at their Edmonds Beach Engagement.

3. Close & intimate

You are GETTING MARRIED!  You are allowed to show a little PDA and get close, snuggled up and a little bit intimate.  I think these are some of the best moments and they just draw you right back into why you love this person in front of you so much!

Intimate engagement photo pose idea Lincoln Park

Just a simple instruction to bring his hand up to her face made this image so much more intimate.

Laughing engagement photo pose idea at mount rainier

Sometimes laughter also brings closeness. Don’t forget to keep taking photos while laughing with them!

Lincoln Park Intimate Engagement Photo pose idea

Get them snuggled up and close for an intimate photo. I love these shots of Rachel and Joe from their Lincoln Park Engagement.

4. Show off the ring


Engagement ring photo at Lincoln Park in West Seattle

While doing another pose, just jump in real close and grab a shot of that amazing wedding ring!

Engagement ring photo on fern at Mount Rainier

Take the wedding ring off completely and put it on something in your surroundings.

Wedding ring detail shot in Tacoma

Use both the bride and the grooms hand to create another dimension for your wedding ring shot!

Wedding ring detail photo at mount rainier

While you have them all intertwined, grab a detail shot of her wedding ring too!

5. Dramatic Kiss

Everyone loves a dramatic kiss.  Its what they all are coming to your wedding to see.

Dramatic kissing photo in Downtown Seattle Pier 66

Light up that dramatic kiss too! I have always loved this photo of Michael and Nicole from their Downtown Seattle Engagement

Kissing engagement photo at Lincoln Park.

A dramatic kiss can also be a little bit silly. I love this photo of Rachel and Joe at Lincoln Park in West Seattle.

Kissing at Mount Rainier National Park Engagement Photo

Have him pick her up for a dramatic kissing photo at Mount Rainier National Park.

Downtown Tacoma Dramatic Kissing Engagement Photo Pose

Set them up for a dramatic kiss with a beautiful backdrop like Downtown Tacoma.

Fog kissing engagement photo at Mount Rainier

The environment can also make for a dramatic kissing pose. We stumbled across this fog during Blair & Tj’s Mount Rainier Engagement Session.

6. All intertwined / All snuggled up

I love the all intertwined and snuggled up photos as you just have to keep looking at them!

Intimate engagement photo at Lincoln Park in West Seattle

I love how tangled and smiling Rachel and Joe were during their engagement session at Lincoln Park in West Seattle.

Laughter engagement photo in Downtown Seattle Pier 66

Intertwined usually means laughter! I love Michael & Nichole’s laughter from their Downtown Seattle Engagement.

Holding Hands engagement photo pose idea

Don’t forget to focus on the intimate details of your engaged couple getting all tangled up!

7. Right before the kiss

Sometimes the moment right before the kiss is even better then the kiss (well…in a photograph at least!).
It creates anticipation and draws you in!

Almost kissing cherry blossoms engagement photo pose idea

I love how intimate this photo is by sneaking up on them through the Cherry blossoms and that they are almost kissing.

Kissing rose garden tunnel point defiance park

Almost kissing in the rose tunnel at Point Defiance Park.

Kissing Edmonds Beach Engagement Photo Pose Ideas

Let the sun overwhelm the photo to create an intimate feel right before they kiss.

Kissing photo pose idea at Mount Rainier

Create a different perspective with the almost kiss by cropping it in an interesting way. I also love Blair & Tj’s expressions during their Mount Rainier Engagement.

Downtown Seattle Kissing Sunset Engagement Photo

Put that sun right between their almost kiss and let the romance fill the air!

8. Being silly

You gotta have silly photos, it wouldn’t be real if you did not!

Playing cards engagement photo mount rainier

Props are another great way to bring out the silliness and laughter!

Running on boardwalk in Downtown Tacoma Engagement Photo

Be silly! Run around! Relax!

Grabbing Tie silly engagement photo in Tacoma

Don’t be afraid to be silly like Laura was with Emmett at our Wright Park Engagement Shoot.

Flower behind ear engagement photo idea

Isn’t Vanessa’s laughter adorable? Fernando did this all on his own and I LOVE when clients get silly!

Dancing in downtown tacoma engagement photo

Dance dance dance!!

9. Sitting down

Change it up!  You don’t have to stand the whole time and it can create a whole new dynamic.

Woods engagement photo pose ideas

I love how her legs look and how they can still interact in this pose.

Engagement Pose ideas at Mount Rainier

Stairs can be a great way to create different heights and different ways to interact!

Engagement pose idea: Sitting in downtown tacoma

I love to change it up with sitting poses. Oh ya, I love how Tim just decided to kiss Genay like this!

10. Laugh!!

Have fun and capture it!  You love this crazy person and have the best time in the world with them,
so why not capture your joy and laughter!


Laughter while posing for engagement photos at rattlesnake lake

Laughter can be your best friend while on your engagement shoot. Torrie kind of got lost in David’s beard and we all found it hilarious!

Engagement pose ideas: All tangled up

These two were so fun and I loved how they laughed and looked at each other when I made them do this pose!

Silly engagement pose ideas in Downtown Tacoma

I love the look on Genay’s face being towards Tim and laughing!