Wedding Reception Details Every Bride Should Discuss with Her Photographer

Wedding Reception Details Every Bride Should Discuss with Her Photographer

Your photographer plays one of the biggest roles in your wedding day. It’s their job to ensure that the day is not only following a specific timeline but that they’re capturing the shots that are most important to you.

When it comes to working with a wedding photographer, communication is key. By discussing all of your expectations up front, your photographer can better prepare for the day and can offer you their professional suggestions too.

Planning your wedding reception with your photographer

There are a few details about your wedding reception that you should definitely be discussing with your photographer ahead of time:

  1. Timing is everything. Your entire wedding day will, of course, follow a very specific schedule. This ensures that everything runs smoothly, that you and your guests have enough time to enjoy yourselves and that your photographer knows when the big moments are about to go down. Your photographer needs to know when your speeches, first dance, bouquet, and garter toss will be happening so that he/she can be prepared.
  2. What matters to you?  While your photographer knows which shots are most important at a wedding reception, if there are any particular shots that really matter to you, be sure to discuss them with your photographer even if they might seem obvious.
  3. Names and numbers.  Your photographer doesn’t want to bother you with questions and details on the day so it’s best give them the names and numbers of family and people in your wedding party that they can turn to if need be. It’s also important for your photographer to know who they can talk to at the venue on the day if they need anything.
  4. Food arrangements.  Your photographer will need to eat and drink at the reception so let them know what time they can expect to eat, where they will be sitting and where they can get water and soft drinks during the day and evening.
  5. Your concerns.  Your photographer is there to capture the very best photos and to make sure that you’re happy with them. If you have any worries or concerns, whether it’s about a certain family member or the fact that you hate your arms, make your photographer aware of them ahead of time.

Remember, the better prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be on your wedding day. Your photographer is there to help and has done many times before so it’s ok to lean on them for advice and suggestions.