What You Can Do To Help Your Photographer Make You Look Picture-Perfect

While your photographer is experienced and knows how to produce beautiful and memorable wedding photos, there are certain elements that even the most talented can’t do much about!

This is where YOU come in.

If you want to ensure you receive stunning wedding photos, here are a few things that you can do:

Consider Taking Couples Shots Before the Ceremony

Not everyone wants to see their partner before the ceremony, but this often makes for the most relaxed and flattering photos. Right after your ceremony, you’re generally more pressed for time and you have your guests to worry about too. Plus, this way, you get to take those special first-look photos that are filled with love and pure emotion. This is not to say that your partner won’t be moved when you walk down the aisle, first-look photos just tend to have a slightly more intimate tone.

Keep the Room Clean

Photos of the bride getting ready are always some of the most beautiful because of the joy and excitement that’s in the room! Give your photographer the freedom to move around and do their job by keeping the room free of clutter. Towels, bags, and general clutter will need to be moved around before photos can be taken, which leaves your photographer with less time if it’s not done beforehand. Plus, having clutter in the background of the photo can take the focus off you and your bridesmaids!

Have a Shot List

Family and bridal party photos can take up a lot of time after the ceremony, which is why it helps to have a shot list. Your photographer will take as many photos as necessary, but if you want to save time and just focus on the photos you really want, create a shot list ahead of time. Think of this as a way to document two families coming together, something you can show your children years from now. Just make sure that your photographer has this list a week or two before your big day!

Add Some Extra Time

Timing is key on the wedding day and mishaps happen, so it’s best to pad your schedule. The last thing you want is for your photographer to run out of time or miss out on the best light of the day! Padding your schedule means adding in some additional time around hair, makeup and other activities. If you’re rushed, it will show in your photos!

By taking these simple tips into consideration, you can relax and let your photographer take the reins on your wedding day. No need to stress!