Who to Include in your First Look Wedding Photos

There are so many special moments that make up a wedding day, but a first look is something else! There’s just something about taking a moment with your partner before you commit to each other that’s so impactful.

A first look is filled with emotion. The tears, the pure joy, the hope for the future – it’s such a special moment that deserves to be captured. While the moment is about you and your partner, you may want to share it with a few people who are closest to you. Or, you might just want to make it about the two of you!

Either way, here’s some advice on how to plan your first look:

Don’t Feel Bad for Saying No

During your first look, it’s going to feel like you and your partner are the only two people in the world. And it’s ok to want to keep it this way. Most couples only have their photographer there with them. However, if family members, the bridal party, or other vendors request to be there, know that it’s perfectly fine to say no! There are a number of other moments they can be involved in during the day. Plus, this is the one day you’re allowed to be a little selfish!

Decide on a Photographer and/or Videographer

You only get one first look, so you want to make sure it’s perfectly documented. Many couples choose to only capture photos of this moment, while others prefer to include a video too. Whether or not you choose to have one or the other, or both, is dependent on your preferences as well as your budget. It’s not necessary to have both, so don’t feel pressured into doing so.

Keep Some Distance

If you do want some of your family members and friends to witness this moment, find a place where they can observe from a distance. It’s also best to keep the group small. When there are too many people watching or they’re sitting too close, it can detract from the specialness of the moment. Plus, you don’t want people getting in the way of your photographer capturing the first look!

These are just some general guidelines. At the end of the day, if you do want to include your parents and your entire bridal party, that’s entirely your call! Either way, choosing a location with enough space for everyone is an absolute must.