Why you should be using the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule 

Why you should be using the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule

You’ve heard me talk about them before and that is because I LOVE CoSchedule. What is CoSchedule you ask and why should you be using it?  CoSchedule in short is a social media scheduler.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg in what it can do. And I know I don’t even fully use it to its capacity because it has so many amazing features!  And you should use it because it saves you TIME, which saves you MONEY and makes your blogging, social media posts and marketing a breeze!

How do I use CoSchedule on a daily basis?

It automatically posts content for me
Well, I have their amazing tool called “ReQueue” setup to share content that I’ve previously written that is still valuable content but buried on my blog onto my social media on a daily basis.  I have hundreds of content blogs with tips for clients about what to wear and how to prep for their wedding and ReQueue makes sure that its getting in front of their eyes!  I don’t even have to go re-write anything because its still valuable content and ReQueue is smart and adds posts in where there are gaps in my social media schedule.

I can schedule ALL my social media posts in minutes
I also use CoSchedule anytime I am sharing a blog post or social media post. It picks out the best time of day to post on each of the different social media outlets and automatically posts it for me!  
It syncs with my WordPress account
It is so convenient as it also syncs into my WordPress’s and I don’t even have to log into my CoSchedule dashboard if I don’t want to as I can just scroll to the bottom of my blogpost that I am ready to schedule and TA DAAAA….scheduled on all of my platforms! 

It tracks analytics and suggests sharing the most valuable posts
I love their analytics and how it will share with me the posts that are performing the best and that maybe I should schedule that content to be shared again at another time!

What social media does it sync with?
Uhh…just about everything!  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and you can even share into Facebook groups!  I love that I can just be in one place for EVERYTHING.  Pinterest has been a game changer and so has the Instagram auto posting!  I love that I also never have to guess when the best time to post is as they track that data for me!

How much does CoSchedule cost?
Well, that depends on what you need!  I personally use an individual account as I only need one user, one calendar and a few social media profiles and then I add on the ReQueue to my account as well!  But reach out to them if you are a smaller team and only need an individual user account like I have! They have a great referral program (and also you get a discount for reviews!!) which you can utilize to save money on your account on an annual basis.

Now what are you waiting for, go sign up and save yourself A LOT of time!!