Will My Photos Turn Out Bad Because My Wedding’s at Night?

Will My Photos Turn Out Bad Because My Wedding’s at Night?

Nighttime weddings have become increasingly popular and for good reason. Having your wedding in the evening gives the event an entirely different look and feel that can be truly beautiful. If you’ve decided that you would prefer to have a nighttime wedding, you’re probably wondering whether your photos will look as good because of the darker setting.

There are two important aspects to keep in mind when planning photos for an evening wedding.

The Venue

Whether you’re still searching for a venue or have already booked one, it’s important to make sure thevenue can provide you with what you need to capture good night time photos. Yes, your photographer will need specific equipment to work in this setting but venues that offer night time wedding options should ideally have the right lighting in place to begin with. Not only will this ensure you get better photos but it means your guests can appreciate all of the time and effort you’ve put into your décor and catering too.

The Photographer

Naturally, your photographer will play a crucial role in the quality of your wedding photos. You could book the best photographer in your area but if he/she doesn’t have experience shooting nighttime weddings, you may just end up with disappointing results. Have a careful look through the portfolios of potential photographers and pay specific attention to their night time shoots. Are you happy with the quality and the style? You may also need to set up a time for your photographer to visit your venue ahead of your wedding date so that he/she can scout out photo opportunities based on their equipment and the lighting the venue has available.

If a nighttime wedding is something you really want, that’s what you should plan. It is definitely stillpossible to get beautiful photos by choosing the right photographer and ensuring your venue can provide you with adequate lighting.