12 Winter Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Definitely Want to Steal

12 Winter Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Definitely Want to Steal

Having a winter wedding? Here are a few gorgeous photo ideas to consider.  While the thought of a winter wedding isn’t an idea that appeals to everyone, winter does offer some of the best wedding photo opportunities. Whether you’ve already decided on a winter wedding or you’re still toying with the idea, these winter wedding photo ideas will definitely help seal the deal.

12 Must-have winter wedding photos

  1. Snuggle Up. Head outside for a few beautiful shots of you and your partner snuggling up in the snow. Even better if there is some light snow falling too. Face each other for a truly intimate photo.
  2. Snowy Kisses. Scoop up some light, fluffy snow and blow it out of your hands for a gorgeous bridal shot.
  3. Pops of Color. Even though the plain white landscapes make for some great photos, if you can find some trees that are still green, they’ll provide you with an amazing pop of color.
  4. Wrap Up Tight. For another great close up of you and your partner, wrap yourselves in a big fluffy blanket, bringing your faces close together for a cozy, romantic shot.
  5. Doorways. Instead of heading outside, find a beautiful wooden doorway that you can pose in front of, with your photographer taking the photo from outside.
  6. Bring In the Horses. If you’re going to be getting married on a farm, try and incorporate one or two ponies or horses into your shots for something different.
  7. Don’t forget your bouquet. Winter wedding bouquets are always beautiful so use it as a way to add some additional pops of color against a pure white backdrop.
  8. Add a Vintage Touch. If your wedding has a bit of a rustic theme, adding a vintage sleigh to some of your photos will make them extra special.
  9. Ski Lifts. Getting married at a venue that’s close to a ski lift? Hop in for some truly unique photos of you and your partner.
  10. Winter Evenings. While most people will take the majority of their photos during the day, if there is an outside area that is well lit, take some night time shots too.
  11. Take It to the Streets. If you will be getting married in the city, head out onto a quiet street for some beautiful photos of you and your partner.
  12. Add an Umbrella. For an extra romantic touch, add a pretty umbrella into a few of your shots.

Don’t let the cold weather deter you from choosing a winter wedding. With the right wedding photographer, you definitely won’t be sorry.

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