Essential Tips for Planning an Intimate Courthouse Wedding

Barbara and Ben had a intimate Seattle rooftop courthouse elopement located in Seattle, Washington photographed by local Seattle Wedding and Elopement Photographer, Rebecca Anne Photography.

Essential Tips for Planning an Intimate Courthouse Wedding

Whether you don’t have a massive budget or have always wanted a smaller, more intimate wedding, a courthouse setting is perfect. There used to be a stigma attached to courthouse weddings, but more and more couples are choosing to go this route. Courthouse weddings are just as significant and special as larger, traditional weddings. 

If you’re planning a courthouse wedding of your own, here are some must-know tips.

Find the Perfect Outfit
Just because you’re getting married in court doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t or shouldn’t look stunning. Whether you want to wear a beautiful white gown or an eye-catching cocktail dress, the choice is yours. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you both walk out the door feeling your best, this is your special day after all. If you’re bringing friends and family along, don’t forget to tell them to dress up too. 

Don’t Forget about Invites
While this isn’t a must, many bridal couples wish they had made an effort with invites, even if it was just for their parents, siblings, and closest friends. Plus, when you don’t need to print as many invites as you would for a larger wedding, the costs are far lower. Invites add a formal touch to your big day and give you something to keep at home to remember your wedding. 

Flowers are Nice to Have Too
You don’t need to have flowers at a courthouse wedding, but it’s always nice to at least have a bouquet and a boutonniere for you and your partner. If you really wanted to, you could also purchase corsages and boutonnieres for your guests. In fact, if you’re really creative, they’re not that difficult to make at home. 

Hire a Professional Photographer
You might be tempted to ask someone you know to snap some photos, but hiring a professional photographer is highly recommended. You won’t regret having some photos of you getting ready before you say your vows and the happiness on your faces once you’re married. Since you won’t need a photographer for a full day, the costs will be much less. Plus, having professional photos taken means you have high-quality pictures you can print for an album or your home. 

Get Some Help
Just because this is a smaller affair doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help from those you love. This is particularly true if you’re planning to have a small reception at home. Family and friends are always happy to help and it means less stress for you. 

Speaking of Receptions
There’s something about celebrating with the people who are closest to you that makes your wedding day even more special. If you’re able to, arrange a small celebration after your ceremony. Having it at home is more intimate, but you could even book out a small section in a restaurant to enjoy a nice meal and a glass of champagne together. 

As you plan your courthouse wedding, remember that this is about what you and your partner want. You don’t need to feel guilty about not being able to include everyone. Plus, you can always arrange a larger celebration at a later stage. 

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