10 Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

10 Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer


You are beginning the process of starting to plan your wedding and really have no clue where to start or what questions to ask where and when!  It can be overwhelming at times but you want to make sure you hire the right people to help you create the perfect day.  Today we are talking about 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer.  These are some of the important ones to think about and I have also provided what we do here at Rebecca Anne Photography in these scenarios!


How would you describe your photography style?

This should be your first question, which hopefully you already know the answer to as you are looking for a certain style of photography.  

Rebecca Anne Photography primarily is a natural light, journalistic style who focuses on capturing authentic connections and moments between loved ones.  Candid and those in between moments are some of my all time favorite photos.


How would you describe your working style?

Do you want a photographer who blends in and goes unnoticed but still captures all those important moments?  Or maybe someone who becomes part of the family and gets in up close because they belong.  Or how about someone who takes charge and isn’t afraid to stand out?  Depending on your style and the people attending your wedding you may want a certain type of person.

Personally, I tend to air on the side of blending in so that I can capture natural and authentic moments.  But at the same time I am not afraid to step up and take control of a situation to make sure we capture all of the important moments.


How many weddings have you shot?

This is so important as you want someone who has experience and knowledge in photographing weddings.  There is a certain flow and nature to wedding days and knowing how to anticipate what will happen next is so important in making sure those precious memories are documented.


Will a contract be provided?

There are many photographers who do not create contracts for their clients.  When spending so much money on such an important event, you want to make sure you have the rules in writing.  Ideally, a photographer will have a contract that covers both themselves as well as the client.


Do you have insurance?

Professional photographers should always have insurance for their business.  Not only to cover their equipment against theft, but liability insurance in case someone trips over a bag or gets hurt during a shoot.  If a photographer does not have insurance, chances are they are newer to the industry.

Rebecca Anne Photography has general business, equipment and liability insurance.


What happens if the photographer gets ill?

It is highly unlikely that a photographer will happen to get sick on your wedding day, but there is always a possibility.  It is very important to know what your photographers rule of thumb is in this scenario.

Rebecca Anne Photography has many amazing photographers that are willing to jump in at a moments notice if something should occur!


Will you color correct my images?

You want to make sure that your photography color corrects your images as the photos often come out of camera with a slight tint that is off and needs to be adjusted.  Even the best photographers have to color correct their images.  Sometimes photographers only correct a few images which leaves you will numerous untouched images.

Rebecca Anne color corrects all images that are delivered to her clients.


What kind of equipment do you use?  Do you have backups?

It is important that your photographer uses professional grade equipment and also has backups in place just in case something goes wrong.  There are dozens of types of professional grade cameras and equipment that photographers could use and so it varies from person to person.  But by simply asking you can see the general response of a photographer and if they are confident in their gear and their system.

Rebecca Anne Photography uses top quality camera bodies (Nikon D750) along with some of the best prime lenses as well as lighting gear.  I shoot with not only one camera, but two and have two additional backup cameras in my bag.  I have multiple lenses, multiple flashes and also have numerous extra batteries for all of my gear.  Oh, and camera cards?  I’ve lost count of how many of those that I have!


How long after the wedding until my photos are ready?

Knowing what to expect, especially when it comes to waiting for the documentation of your precious memories is very important!  It seems like forever while waiting for your images to be delivered, but knowing when they will be ready will help with the anticipation.  You also want to make sure that this is outlined in your contract with your photographer so that they have a standard to be held to.

Rebecca Anne Photography delivers wedding images 4-8 weeks after the wedding date in an online gallery.  Engagement or portrait session images are ready 2 weeks after the shoot date.


How do I reserve my date?  And when are payments due?

Once you have found the photographer of your dreams, you want to make sure you reserve them for your wedding date!  Once you start talking with them or have a consult, make sure you find out their policy in regards to reserving your date and when payments are due so that you are prepared!

Rebecca Anne Photograph requires 50% of the package price as a retainer along with a signed contract to officially reserve your date.  After our consult I always let clients know if I get an inquiry for their date from someone else for up to one month after our consult date.


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