Reasons to hire an associate photographer

Reasons to hire an associate photographer

What exactly is an “associate photographer” anyways?! It is a photographer that is hired as an independent contractor to work for another photographer. It is a photographer who has a similar shooting style to Rebecca Anne, but doesn’t cost quite as much. You most often hear about an associate photographer when the main photographer you wanted to book is too expensive or already booked for your date.

Hiring an associate photographer can be confusing and even scary! You are afraid they are not as experienced as the main photographer since they are often cheaper. However, the photographer being cheaper is often possible due to the fact that separate people are taking on more of the workload. The associate is the one who gets to do the actual shooting of the wedding or engagement. And the owner of the company is often the one who does the client communication, editing and delivery of the gallery. It is as simple as this: do you love their work? Are they within your budget? Then what are you waiting for?!

Reasons to hire an associate photographer:

You are hiring a team

Running a business is hard!  Even harder when you are a one man show doing everything!  And sometimes its hard for people to do both the creative side of a photography business as well as the business side.  So we’ve decided to help lighten the load for our associate photographers and let them be dedicated to JUST shooting while we handle the other stuff behind the scenes.  That means that they are solely dedicated to YOU and focused on photographing you on your day.  That also means that Rebecca Anne gets so focus on helping you to plan the best day possible with timeline creation and all the helpful tips leading up to your day. Because we are a team it also means more chances of having a backup available is something was to happen on your day!

Save some money!

Because of the setup of how being an associate photographer works, we are able to keep the prices lower than if you were to hire Rebecca Anne directly.  The work is divided up amongst multiple people.  While still maintaining that same Rebecca Anne Photography experience, just with a different person being the actual photographer, you get to save some money in your wedding budget. 

Still get the Rebecca Anne Photography experience 

You still get the same attention, tips, timeline planning and helpful information that Rebecca Anne’s clients get.  Your pre and post wedding experience is the same.  13 years and 300+ weddings under her belt, she has systems in place to help make your experience the best it can possibly be. 

Similar Style

Although personalities are varied, our photographers have a similar style to Rebecca Anne after having trained and shot with her for several years. We are extremely picky in who we choose to join our team and every single photographer is someone Rebecca trusts her own family photos with.  And while the associate photographer is the one to photograph you on your special day, Rebecca Anne is still the one editing your images to give you a consistent look,. 

More experience 

One of the scariest parts of hiring a photographer at a lower price point is not knowing if they have enough experience to navigate your day.  Rebecca Anne has over 13 years experience and has shot 300+ weddings and knows the ins and outs of every wedding day and has helped to prepare her associates for such events. She is even available on the day of to take phone calls for advice and to guide her team along to create the best images for you as possible.  All our team members run their own businesses as well and also have years of experience under their belt.  Rebecca Anne is also there to help prep you and your timeline to set you up for success. 

We have proven systems in place 

One of our main goals when setting up our associate business was to have clear and amazing systems in place to help prep us for growth and also to help prep our clients,  From the wedding day prep, vendor suggestions, timeline creation, advice and tips on anything you need, we don’t hold anything back from helping prep you for your big day!  We pride ourselves on our communication, organization and client experience. 

We know that hiring a photographer is hard and scary.  You don’t even know where to begin looking and THEN you find out PRICES and AVAILABILITY and it gets so complicated and confusing!  And thats why we are here and why we created our associate photographer program. We want to make your life easier and more simple and provide you with an amazing experience and even more amazing photos from one of the most important days of your life!  Contact us today and let us guide you through what our process looks like and help you plan the best day ever.