Should You Really Hire a Proposal Photographer?

Should You Really Hire a Proposal Photographer?

Nobody forgets the day their partner asks them that life-changing question but it’s only natural for some of the details to fade over time. What were you wearing? What was your expression when it happened? Some people would really love to remember these finer details but is a proposal photographer truly necessary? The answer depends on you but here are a few pros and cons to consider before you make a decision.

Pro: This will be another truly special moment you can remember after your big day. Your partner will experience a mix of emotions once you pop the question, which means you will probably tune out everything around you. Having a photographer there means you can capture your surroundings as well as the finer details.

Con: Your partner might not love the idea of having a photographer there. Your partner is not going to have the time to prepare for their shining moment on camera so they may not feel too confident when they notice a photographer has joined the day. You know your partner best though and know how they will react.

Pro: The photos can be used on your save the dates. Proposal photos are always touching and special, which is why couples like to use them on invites, ceremony programs or save the dates.

Con: Your schedule is set in stone. Your photographer will need to know when to be at your proposal venue, which means you can’t be late. This could cause your partner to be slightly suspicious so think it through carefully.

Pro: Share the moment with the people you love. The people closest to you will naturally want to share this moment with you and having a few photos on hand will help them do just that.

Con: Picture perfect is not a guarantee. There is a chance that your proposal might not work out in the way that you’d hoped for. Something might come up on the day, the weather may take a turn for the worse or your partner may be ill. Hiring a photographer means you will need to reschedule for another day. 

A proposal photographer is a very personal choice and depends on how much you and your partner love to capture the big milestones in your lives.