Stitch Fix Box Review #2 // Personal

Stitch Fix Box Review #2 // Personal

I am finally getting around to blogging my Stitch Fix Box Review for my second box!

What is Stitch Fix you ask?
Stitch Fix is a clothing company that assigns a personal stylist to you and delivers clothing right to your door!

How does it work?
You go fill out a style profile and tell them all about your preferences and even price points for different items.  You can even include a Pinterest board for your stylist to check out!  Then you schedule your fix and they mail you a box!  There is a $20 styling fee but if you choose to buy any items from the box then the fee goes towards your purchase.  If you purchase all 5 items then you also get a 25% discount!  Anything you don’t want you can simply drop in the bag they give you and mail it back.

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How did my second box go?
Well, I once again kept EVERYTHING!  Both times I have scheduled a fix I was sure to leave detailed instructions for my stylist about what I was hoping to receive.  This time I asked for a pair of jeans or pants as I have never found a pair of pants that were not long on me.  I also asked for a few cute tops that could be date night or consult material.  And this time I opened up the option for a purse as it was time for a new one.  I think my stylist nailed it and I love every piece!

Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top – $58
Stitch Fix Box Review

Normally I would never pay $58 for a sweater but I LOVE it!  Its super soft and more on the light weight side which is great because I hate being hot.  Its also stretchy and I love the length of it as it pairs well with leggings too.  And since I kept all 5 pieces I got 25% off which helped me justify the purchase.

Giovanni Straight Leg Jean – $98

Stitch Fix Box ReviewWell, clearly I love these pants because I wear them almost everyday.  Although they are called “jeans” they do not feel like jeans and are actually a stretchy material which makes them SO comfortable.  The only downside of these is they are actually a dark blue.  I never wear blue but they are so dark that you can’t quite tell.  I kind of treat them like they are black.  I love that they actually fit me and are not too long.

Lotiz Crochet Split Back Knit Tank – $48

Stitch Fix Box Review

This top also seemed a little pricey to me but it is so unique I couldn’t bring myself to send it back.  Its an awesome date night or networking top and dresses up well with pants and heels.  It is actually a sweater material and is stretchy as well.  I love the fit too.

Francesca Pencil Skirt – $78

Stitch Fix Box ReviewNow I’ve had this skirt for a few months I don’t wear it anywhere near as much as I thought I would but I still love it.  The color is spot on with the color choices I have been adding into my wardrobe.  Need to put this at the front of my closet to make myself wear it more.  It is also a stretch material and I love that hits below the knee as it makes it usable for work.  My husband thinks the color is too bright for a photographer to wear to a wedding so I have yet to chance it.  (P.S. Top from Forever 21 & shoes from H&M).

Adora Stud Border Tote – $68

Stitch Fix Box ReviewStitch Fix Box ReviewI literally have used this bag everyday since getting it.  I had purchased a very cheap version of this bag that did not have the studs or shape to it that this one.  Its very well made and I abuse this purse and its held up fabulously.  It has a little coin purse which is adorable and an inside side zipper pocket.  I like that it has both a shoulder strap and handles.  And of course the gold stud border is amazing.  I get compliments on this purse all the time.

All these pieces are normally more then I would have spent if I was out at the store, but they are such great quality and unique pieces that it totally makes it worth it.  Plus I kept all 5 pieces so saved 25% off everything along with the styling fee credit and some referral credits it became affordable very quickly.  I’ll definitely be ordering another box soon.

So, what do you think?!  Which pieces are you favorite?

Now go try it for yourself!!