What to Focus on When Building Your Intimate Wedding Photo Album

Wedding albums are generally easy to put together when it’s a big wedding. This is due to the large number of photos that you end up receiving from your photographer. What do you do when you have a smaller, more intimate wedding? What should you focus on when creating your wedding album?

These tips will help!

Showcase the Setting

Your venue is an integral part of your day, so ask your photographer to capture shots that showcase the setting for your big day. These are great shots to use at the beginning and end of your album. 

Focus on the Meaningful Moments

It’s perfectly ok to still capture all the big moments such as getting ready with your bridesmaids. However, when you choose to have a more intimate wedding, you should also hone in on those smaller, more meaningful moments. The first look or shots of you opening a gift from your beloved are some examples. 

Capture the Finer Details

Another great way to fill those open spaces in your wedding album is with shots of the finer details. This could be anything from your rings and shoes to the groom’s cufflinks. 

Don’t Forget the Zoom Guests

Though the height of the pandemic may have passed, many couples are still inviting guests to participate in their wedding day via Zoom. Don’t forget to capture a few screenshots of your Zoom guests. Not only does it represent how different your wedding day was, but it gives you more photos to choose from for your album. 

Add in Some Advice

A unique way to include your friends and loved ones in your wedding album that goes beyond photos is to get them to write out advice. These handwritten notes are so special and help break up the photos in your album. 

With so many wedding album options available and these creative ideas, you won’t have any problems creating a precious keepsake!