Destination Engagement Session: Is It Right for You?

Destination Engagement Session: Is It Right for You?

Destination engagement sessions have become increasingly popular in recent years and are no longer something that only the wealthy do. More and more couples are insistent on using their favorite international photographer for their sessions and are more than willing to travel to them too – the fact that they get a vacation out of it is an added bonus.  

If you’ve been wondering whether a destination engagement session is right for you, here are five ways to decide:

  1. Your Budget Doesn’t Allow for a Destination Wedding

If you would love a destination wedding but can’t afford it, a destination engagement session is the next best thing. This way, you get to celebrate your love in a unique way and still celebrate with friends and family back home. 

  1. You’re Not Connected to Your Current City

Many couples meet in cities that they’ve only recently moved to, which means it doesn’t always feel like home. If you don’t want to have your photos taken in a city that you don’t have an emotional connection to, a destination engagement session could be right for you. It doesn’t need to be international either, it could simply be a city that means something to you both. 

  1. Make It a Joint Celebration

Have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Why not take a trip and turn it into a joint celebration? Not only do you get to capture your engagement but your vacation destination too. Plus, you are automatically going to be more relaxed on a vacation, which always makes for better photos. 

  1. Capture One of Your Favorite Places

Did you and your partner travel to a specific place that you both fell in love with early on in your relationship? This is the perfect opportunity to head back there, see it again and capture memories that are even more special. 

  1. You Love Traveling

If you simply love traveling, this is the perfect excuse to plan your next trip. You might really love the portfolio of a photographer that is based in another city or country. Instead of flying them out to you, it might makes more sense to go to them and get a vacation out of it at the same time.

Destination engagement sessions are very romantic and are the perfect way to celebrate your decisions to spend the rest of your lives together.